painting your unis...

as search results didn’t seem to help…

just a quick question to all, as to what different ways i can change the colour of my uni and what are the pros and cons of each method?

:smiley: your posts will be appreciated:D

You could try a few of the results here

when i opened the link it came up saying

“Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.”

I can verify that…

Well it works for me…
Go to the search thing and type in ‘powder coating’ and you will get what i tried to link to.
Sorry if it doesnt work for you, it works fine when i click on it :thinking:

i think i found the thred you were talking about:)

but what is so good about powder coating in comparison to just painting?

Well, if you just paint it by hand or spray it is more likely to not last long and chip easier… powder coat bonds better and will last way longer.
In that search there are a few threads relating to painting unis different ways;)

About seventh link down in the search.