Pactimo 12 hour marathon bib shorts

I’m trying to get longer time in the saddle and I am curious if anyone has used the Pactimo 12 hour marathon bib shorts. They are not cheap but the advertising makes me think they could be worth buying. I’m using the Kris Holms fusión one saddle that comes with the 29” muni.

In the end, what counts is, that the padding fits your anatomy and your saddle and the seams are smooth and flat. Even the best padding of a test in a racing bicycle magazin can be uncomfortable for you riding the unicycle. Your anatomy , your saddle and your sitting posture are different from how it has been tested. A padding liked by the one, can be uncomfortable for the other. I used to use pearl izumi shorts (which are also not on the cheap side) but the i found much cheaper ones by protective, which i even like better.

Yes, what you say makes sense.
I’ve spent too much money looking for the padded shorts that allow blood circulation for longer periods of time but to no avail.
I’m looking for something that will keep me in the sport rather than me sustaining long term damage by toughing it out.

The shape of the padded area, or possibly just its width, is also an important factor in finding the right shorts for you. I have some shorts that are good for long, long rides, and others that start bugging me after 10 miles or less. The part I haven’t figured out yet, is how to quantify why one pair of shorts works better than the others. I guess i have to measure, and compare padding types…

I contacted a company that makes the pads Elastic Interface. My original email stated I ride a unicycle for 3+ hours at a time, and they responded by asking if I ride a trail bike or road bike. I replied I ride a unicycle and have not heard from them since

Gosh that’s funny :slight_smile:

Here in Australia, Aldi sometimes sells interesting things. They’ve had padded bike shorts in the past. I bought 2, (at different times). One is far superior than the other. The bad pair isn’t Lycra, has really thin padding and a blue padding for your bum. It came with an outer pair of shorts (would be nylon). The padding in that one isn’t sufficient, it’s feels non existent.

The good pair is Lycra and has a red padding that seems to be pressed in place, saying “Cool Max®” and “Fresh FX”.

It has soft black velour material at the sides of the crotch and I think that helps protect against any leg rubbing with the seat.

The legs have elastic at the lower end, with silicon dots on the elastics to help prevent the shorts from riding up. After a week of riding in the Denmark summer, I had a very clear marking of suntan where the shorts stopped and my knee pads began :). These shorts did amazing in terms of riding comfort. Plus, they didn’t seem to smell after a week of riding either. (I can’t say the same with the elbow, knee pads or wrist protectors though)…

Finally, on the front leg side there are some reflective strips sewn in to the seam which could come in handy at night (if you don’t wear anything on top of it).

In Australia, Aldi products are generally available for really acceptable prices. I would definitely be happy buying this product again.

So anyway, maybe something like that can work for you? It wasn’t expensive so if you can get something like this product, I reckon try it.

I never gave Aldi a thought. I tend to steer clear because it’s usually easy to move through the shop but takes twice as long waiting to get out again. I’ll google and see if something is available. Thank you.


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