PA trials competition!!!

Ok so here’s the scoop. Nick (unicyclepa) and I are hosting a trials competition at French Creek Park in Pennsylvania. It’s all natural trials and there won’t be any skinnies guaranteed. There are just these massive rocks that are begging to be ridden. The deal is, everyone puts in 5$ and winner takes it all home. If you have any questions about the competition or anything else pm me and I’ll get back to you. the competition is going to be held at may 13th so mark it on your calenders!

sounds fun how far away is pa from tennesse. im to lazy to go look.

about 11 and a half hours. :frowning:

hhmmm… I maybe could come. Ill have to see.

my only worry is that you’re gonna drive 11 hours and come here and be dissapointed because it’s not a very big event. And if you’re gonna make a day out of it then take a muni too because there’s great trails there and there’s going to be a bike race going on the same day so lot’s of oppurtunities.

ya unless im viiting over there I dont think i could come


I’m there if my parents can drive me. Check your PMs gordito

OK well mi padre said no money involved for the winner but we can still get together and have the competition. We will have an award ceremony but no medals… sorry guys.

Why no money involved?

because to put a 13 year old kid in charge of your guy’s money wouldn’t sit well with him. But please don’t let that keep you away. it’s the glory that counts! should count

We’ll see I may be able to come. I would love to.

nice I might be able to come i’ll Know more soon