OWA... released at last, although one BIG problem for USA livers

one wheel addiction has been released in australia as of this week.

although i have a major problem in regards to USA and canada distribution…
NTSC is the worst format ever… my dvd is in PAL format, mostly universally recognised format apart from the United States and Canada.

i have tried to convert my video to NTSC format. it is much harder than i originally presumed. and not only that but it skips and reshuffles frames here and there and greatly reduces the quality of the picture.

a little about NTSC… the frame rate is 29.97 fps and the video size is 720x480.

normal pal video is 720x576 and runs at the same frame rate as film at 24fps.

without a million dollar converting device… (like the ones they have at DVD authoring companies) and a squillion dollars, i will not be able to convert it properly to its best capacity.
(may have exaggerated a little on pricing here)

the most annoying thing is… in australia (and i assume everywhere else in the world) we own PAL DVD players that are compatible with NTSC DVDs… but not vice versa!!!

im beginning to think that i am not able to sell my dvd in the states. unless you really really want one, and then you are able to play it on your computer, or a PAL dvd player.

can anyone help my crisis?

oh and sorry about the rant. im just pissed off

that sucks

sorry i can’t be more helpful

wellll… you could have it available for download, and then just charge people less than you do for the hard copy. That would work, it wouldn’t be as good quality and all that.
But it would work.

Awesome Tomsey, I look forward to it. When’s it getting released in NZ?

i could yes… but authors of these kinds of videos see very little money compared to the efforts they put in… hardly worth it from my point of view. and videos that come from the internet are much less apreciated than hard copy videos.

i am considering it as a last option.

i had an offer to show it at toque. then at least whoever is there will be able to see it.

They will work on computers in your format?

yeah they will.
who wants a dvd that only plays on a computer?

People like myself with computers and no dvd players.

I play a lot of DVDs on my computer. I’ve got a nice computer monitor. It looks sharp.

I’ve never tried a PAL DVD, but I’m pretty sure (almost 100% sure) that a PAL DVD will play just fine on a computer as long as you have a DVD drive and DVD player software.

It’s not ideal for those of us stuck in NTSC land, but it won’t stop me from buying the DVD.

Likewise for myself.

I am sure you could provide it for DL with a fee. It shouldn’t be too hard to setup a Paysite for your video. With 3 differnt qualities: Perfect(for people like me with uber-fast net connection and tons of free space) Medium(for people with either a slower connection or a limeted holding size) small(56kers and people with old craputers). I’d be willing to pay 10 bucks for a perfect version DL. I could burn it into DVD or VCD format on my computer and I’d be set.

Buy the DVD. Rip it. Compress it with DivX. Pretend that you downloaded it. :slight_smile:


Any chance of OWA making it over to the UK?

We’re on PAL so it should play fine.


Re: UK?

yep some are going to the UK

probably to www.municycle.com if anywhere

ahh… good ol PAL. no problems

although i dont know when. im the least organised person you’ll ever know

im not sure… its going to go through www.unicycles.com.au before it gets over to NZ. cant give a date or else i will be wrong

We had some success doing standards conversion etc. using tmpgenc, available from the site below. We weren’t mastering to dvd though, so I don’t know about that bit. There’s some stuff about doing it on the sites below.




Nice one!

I’ll keep checking with them.

Looking forward to seeing it, all of your videos I’ve watched here have been fantastic, Tomsey your grinding makes me go out and practise mine!


I know I’ll still buy a copy. I can play it on my computer.

I hate how USA and Canada (thought it doesnt really affect me much wether Canada does or doesnt use it, unless I could buy a dvd player from there then I’d be set so it does affect me) has to have different systems like that.

ill throw up a stupid poll.

vote yes if you live in the US or Canada and still want a DVD knowing that it wont play on your dvd player.

it wont be very productive, but we’ll see

Silly Yanks :wink:
What software was used to author it? It can’t be converted that way?
Worse comes to worse, if you’ve got a computer DVD drive, rip it to uberquality DIVX, and get a friend to burn it to a DVD for ya…

Re: OWA… released at last, although one BIG problem for USA

“john_childs” <john_childs@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> I’ve never tried a PAL DVD, but I’m pretty sure (almost 100% sure) that
> a PAL DVD will play just fine on a computer as long as you have a DVD
> drive and DVD player software.

“Most DVD PC software and hardware can play both NTSC and PAL video
and both Dolby Digital and MPEG audio.”

Presumably a few (inferior) programs choke on one or the other.

Another tidbit from this DVD FAQ is that DVD players that handle both
formats (i.e. nearly all PAL players; practically no NTSC players)
don’t generally adjust the frame rate. Instead they output pseudo-PAL
at NTSC rates, and the monitor has to adjust accordingly.