Outerbike in Moab

October 7-9 is the Outerbike festival in Moab. Lots of Demo gear and UDC will be there(or at least is a sponsor). We should make a strong showing of Munis to show the MTB crowd how cool it is!! Who is in??

Muni weekend 16

Cal. Muni weekend 16, Auburn, Ca., October 7-9 I think UDC should be making a big showing there, instead of a bicycle thingy, Boycot- If we don’t buy who else will?

UDC has made a showing at most of the MUni Weekends, and donated lots of great SWAG. No boycotts. For the most part, people coming to MUni Weekends don’t need to learn about the existence of UDC. Not that I wouldn’t rather have Amy, Josh or John come to our little event, but they have a much larger market to think of.

But does that mean you’re coming, Lobbybopster? My yard isn’t as big as yours, but we still show people a pretty nice time. :slight_smile:

Now I’m torn between events!!

You can ride $50,000’s worth of bikes at Outerbike, but you already have close to that in your garage:D. I think I’m going to OB as I don’t believe I’m in good enough shape to muni an entire weekend and now I get the best of both worlds with UDC being there.

If you go to the Muni weekend you will learn new things and what you may be doing wrong, both of which will accelerate your progress.

I unfortuneately will be going to neither, but if I had to choose it’d definately be to ride and hang w/ other one wheelers.:o

To be safe, I’ll say you can ride $5000 worth of unicycles in my garage. :slight_smile:


How did I totally miss this … until now.

I remember Josh saying something about it when I placed a UDC order this Summer, but I didn’t know the dates, and didn’t put it on my calendar. :angry:

Plus, I was oh-so-close to attending Cal. Muni Weekend 16 this year so I could ride with my grade school buddy Munimag, and the rest of you characters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well … at least I didn’t have to pick one over the other … I just missed out on both. :frowning:

Wish I could be in two places at once, with neither of them being here at work. :o

well I looked in my garage and found yes there was over $4000 dollars worth of unicycles makes you feel wheely good.

“If its has more than one wheel it’s unrideable”

you can ride $5000 out of my garage and I only own two (geared KH36 + Nimbus 36" Impulse). Factor in the best safety gear money can buy, add another Schlumpf (my wife might go for it) of the 26" variety, throw in a Nimbus Oregon, and I could double that easy. For now, I’m happy with my small stable of commuters.

OK YOU are definitely an addict:p

If my finances weren’t microscopic, I may have been equally indulgent. :roll_eyes:

Bert, we will have to put this one on the calendar for next fall. It is a great time to get down to Moab - no snow yet down there :slight_smile: It would be really interesting to ride on the slickrock!