** Out-the-game-street**

I think he said no to handrails :frowning: because every handrail is sop different.

If nobody can do the trick then the person who landed the trick before 2nd sets.

Person 1 sets trick 1.
Person 2 landes trick 1.
Person 3 lands trick 1.
One week passes.
Person 2 sets trick 2.
One week passes; no one landed trick 2.
Person 3 sets trick 3…
(Person 1 and 3 now have the letter O__)

who will start towmorow

who wants to start?


I’m in to, I hope :slight_smile:

ok, but sart easy;)

Any Terrain
Pat Lally
tim desmet
Ludwig F
Ground Zero
and me

yess. Let’s get this going:D

who’s doing first trick

i dont know but we will see it towmorow

Just filmed. I forgot that I am the first to post. :wink:

Can i still join ??

I haven’t posted the first clip, so i guess so. But maybe someone else has objections? No?

Ok, here’s the clip

360 unispin down 4 low pallets = 53 cm = 20.8"
It can be rolling or static.

If it is too difficult I’ll do something else or let someone else start the game.

can i do this down something higher? I wanna 3 spin off the side of my 5 set.

Yeah, sure. :smiley:

yes sure;)

ok ill go do it now. clip will be up in like 10 min


that´s ok;)


should still be processing. the landing to my five set was really muddy cuz it just rained yesterday so i did it down something else

hey cool shoes pat;)