** Out-the-game-street**

hey everbody !

this thread is for everyone who doesn´t like f****** rolls (just a joke:D)

everbody who wants to can register in this game, when nobody new is comming in the game will start :roll_eyes:

rules: example: seppi begins the game with a crankflip up a set.
hansi, thomas and jakob have to land and upload it ( video )
in this thread during a week.
…after a week…
jakob and thomas landed it .
hansi didn´t land it, so he gets his first letter : O… (if
somebody has all three letters he is out).

                 Now jakob can do the next trick........

every trick (flip or spin hoptwist or grab…) must be done down or up stairs, pallets or curbs.

hope you will have fun :smiley:

if there are another questions we will discuss them in the thread;)
in the first round the tricks should be easier so everbody can do a trick, in the following rounds everbody can do what he wants…

-felix (i´m sorry for every mistake and hope you can understand it)

The explanation made sense ;).

I will look around downtown Truckee and if there are enough stair sets (I doubt it) than I am in.

I am in.
If we can’t find a
three set though could we do the trick off a four set? (As long as trick isn’t easier down a bigger set)

EDIT: also not sure if people understood from your directions but the first person to have the trick on film, online sets the trick for the next week.
So in your example:
“jakob and thomas landed it.”

Jakob was the first one to land this trick so that is why he gets to set the next trick.

“Now jakob can do the next trick”

sure…as longe as the trick isn´t easier it´s ok;)

thx i forgot to say that jakob was the first who landed it:p

Ill play. I have a lot of stairs at my house :smiley:

I’m playing.:slight_smile:

Put me in ;)…

I have a website for those games ready… But I must upload and organize it… and I’m not sure If I’ll have time…

If anyone have some Joomla knowledge and wants to take care of it…

EDIT: My 2 cents: I would make street and flat game… On those forums, is hard to keep games going… More people would play if street and flat I think…

One more question.
We don’t need to do a trick do we? Could we just jump a big set? And can we do handrails too?

I think so…

Also, try to say the stairset height and distance… cause I can have a really bigger 4 set than other riders ;)…

The best for us would be a website like embedr, but as far I know only the person who creates the channel can embed videos… But it would be the best to keep everything nice, cause you can put in a channel videos from different places…

of course we could also jump a big set. but nearly ervery handrail is different so i think handrails are not so good for an out-the-game :roll_eyes:

that´s a good idea;)

I’m in :roll_eyes:

I’m in but im not so good in street so i will be fast OUT

I found the perfect plataform :smiley: And its free :stuck_out_tongue:

VodPod now allows to create pages, where users can add videos… Im making one for street, one for flat and one for trials!.. I will make a small front website, and run the vodpod inside the website…

Registering on vodpod is easy, free and safe… Soon I will post more!

Count me in!

when can we start?

Mmm, I would say in two days… I will try to develop an online list so you can sign in online…

The vodpod thing is going well, they have a bug that I reported but I believe they are working on it :wink:

Ok thanks

I’m also in.
I hope i have the time for filming the Tricks.:rolleyes


i`m in too

I’m in, I’ll probably be the first one out considering i don’t do flips.

We can do handrails, right?

Also, what if nobody is able to complete the trick?