Out the Game 'Beginner'

This Thread is open for all types of riding street, trials, flat as long as it is beginner. :sunglasses:

If someone wants to start it off go for it. :slight_smile:

Heres the first trick.
I thought we would start out fairly easy.


I suppose the game will start when we get 5 or so people.:slight_smile:

I’m on! Filling up the list…

Trevor Staader

Trevor Staader
Julia B

I really want to join but there’s no gaurentee I’ll be able to get a working camera, so maybe :thinking:

I’m in. So we have a week to catch it on film? Then who sets the new one?

The first person to land it who hasn’t set a trick yet.

Ok awsome so we have 5 people. :slight_smile:

So I suppose its starts when the first person films it or should we wait for more people?

edit: list so far.
Trevor Stader
Julia B
Xyphota (maybe)


When should I post the next trick? Next Thursday?

Trick 1: 30 idles, Set by Trevor
Trick 2: Will be set by Julia on Thursday?

_ _ _Trevor Stader* (set)
_ _ _96erik
_ _ _Julia B (landed)
_ _ _Xyphota
_ _ _anton005

Nice Julia,
Looks so smooth, almost like your hanging onto something :wink:

I will go refilm it, I don’t want to have this argument. :wink: I wasn’t hanging on to anything, after rewatching the video I could see why you might assume that though.

The other OUT games are a week plus until the end of that day to land the trick. So the second trick would get posted on Friday.

This game doesn’t necessarily have to be the same, but it can be if you want.

Ok thanks, I remembered the rules wrong.

Trick 1: 30 idles, Set by Trevor
Trick 2: Will be set by Julia on Friday

_ _ _Trevor Stader* (set)
_ _ _96erik
_ _ _Julia B (landed)
_ _ _Xyphota
_ _ _anton005

I refilmed the trick and it is uploading now. My entire body is in the shot so there should not be any disagreement.

Good work Julia.
So do you set the trick early if everyone does it before friday?

I was only complimenting you, in a flinging crap at you kinda way… Next time I’ll be nicer about it. I didn’t mean for you to have to go out and do it again.

I’m sure you didn’t have anything better to do anyway :slight_smile:

I’ll play! (if I’m not to busy and the weather holds:()

I’ve never tried this many idles, so it’ll be a challenge!:smiley:

I didn’t mind doing it again, I don’t even have to edit the clip I just film it walk inside and upload it. :slight_smile: And you’re right I don’t have anything better to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trevor, yeah I guess it can be uploaded early if everyone lands it. I know what I’m gonna set. :slight_smile:

Out beginner video

I guess we’ll see if this works. getting the video from my computer to here should be the first trick :thinking:

Anyone wanna share the secret to embedding a video in here? From my flickr page it gave me a chunk of code to paste into my “web page”, I tried it in here, but it didn’t work… I’m not sure what toolbar option to use in the post.


Ok, figured it out. Fricken firefox! :angry:

Ok then so I think this is it so far:
Trevor Stader (set)
Julia B (landed)
anton005 (landed)