Oui 08

So I made it pretty quickly I guess, that’s why the editing isn’t that great, I just threw some clips together basically. That’s why there are like a few clips I forgot to deinterlace.:stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, the event was sooo much fun! I can’t wait until OUI 09!


Music: Switchfoot - We are one tonight



Yeah, it was fun:)

Not a chance I would go to this Isaac. It would cost me more for my plane ticket than the cost of that whole set up. If I lived right by it like you do, sure I would go but I would want some better competition if I was to travel across the globe.

cool, looked fun. Wow a backflip off a uni!! :astonished:

Sure the only time I make it in the video is me missing the 70cm jump in Highjump! You didnt get any video of me actually landing something? :stuck_out_tongue: lol Great stuff man!

Just curious, what was the winning hight for the highjump competition?

Hugo jumped 80cm, and that was the winner but he easily could have jumped much more!!!

who did this backflip :astonished:

Hey, sorry Russell, I thought since it was pretty close it was worth it, and you have great form…I didn’t get any clips of you making it, sorry:(


whats yur highest jump(pole OR box) you probably posted it but i haven’t been around much lately

Ummm, over a bar I roll hopped 55cm, and onto a ledge I can sidehop 58cm, maybe 60cm now though?

nice… i think i got about 55-60 the other day but i didnt measure it, but it was about 3-4 inches taller than my wheel which is about 2 feet, which is about 60cm.

That’d be me :slight_smile:
Took forever but I finally got it!

Hugo asked me to post the 85cm over the bar:


Thats alright man! I made it over the bar at least! If only I could have stuck the landing!

Sigh… one of these years I’ll make it to OUI… The past few years it was work, or graduations, this year it’s a newborn :wink: Next year!

Mr. Sharkattackunicyclemanftw :smiley: that backflips hot.

Now on Vimeo.