OUCH!,ive never done that before...(close Koosh shave).

i missed the tyre on the 3rd kick of a Koosh Koosh and raked my shin right on the crown.whats worse is i have grip tape on it!

skin crown victim.jpg

here is a shot of the crown,as you can see there is a shrivled up piece my skin and a few hairs clinging to it. arent the hairs cool?

skin crown1.jpg

I must say that the hairs are a nice touch, if a little disgusting. Good, graphic picture! You must be proud of yourself.

(edit) I decided that ‘disgusting’ isn’t a strong enough word. How about ‘revolting’? I still congratulate you.

I’d say yummy.

grip tape you say? hmm, i’ll have to look into this…

by the way, what’s a “koosh koosh”?

taste like chicken!

treepotato’s wise words of wisdom…

that looks painful! well just think of it like this: youyr unicycle will always be a part of you or rather always have a part of you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes… revolting… those black socks are revolting;)

Just messing with you jagur… wear what you want. Besides, black socks won’t get blood stains. Hmmmmm… black socks.


Koosh koosh is a trick. A description can be found along with tons of other tricks (but not nearly all) in the Standard Skills List portion of the IUF Rulebook. The online version, from an outdated version of the rulebook, is here:

i have a few argile socks too but i try to stick with black.

how bout those patent leather Fila’s?

Sheese…What a group. A little blood and gore and the first thing you guys think is to caputure it digitally and post it to the forum. :wink:

Good Shot!

Very nice close up shot. Maybe good digital camera and also good shooting ability. I can count 2 shin hairs on it. :smiley:

OUCH,i did it again!

this time i was dorking around on the 29er,trying to get the feel of the brake.all i got was the feel of the pedal! i raked my shin right below and just above the previous laceration.


Two words for you–

i got it,but im not going to ware it all the time.these were surprise attacks.

if had to put on that Roach armor every time i mounted a uni while tweeking it,i might as well never take the stuff off.besides we all know that if i had leg armor on i would have got hurt somwhere there wasnt armor :o

Re: OUCH!,ive never done that before…(close Koosh shave).

On Fri, 5 Sep 2003 13:05:53 -0500, jagur
<jagur.tdcfm@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>i got it,but im not going to ware it all the time.these were surprise

So you save the leg armour for planned accidents only?

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Re: Re: OUCH!,ive never done that before…(close Koosh shave).

yep,i was waiting for that one.

just to let everyone here know and to keep with the gross out theme,i can tell you that the big scab in the middle of my shin got soggy and hot today under my Roach armor.So hot and soggy that it stuck to the inside and peeled off,its still there on the armor.(sorry no pics)