orange bud

ever seen a ferrari in a shitty brown colour? wonder why it isnt shitty brown coloured?

yeah looks have so much to do with it, of course how well it performs is number 1 priority but I dont want a uni that looks like a kindergarten made it.

I want to find a kindergartener that could make a quality uni i don’t car how pretty the kid makes it.:stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t care if it a kindergarten kid made my uni. If it was holding up to everything I did to it and was strong and all that, I wouldn’t care what it looks like. In the end my uni will look trashed anyways.

also, using seatposts is a bad example of a company’s line, because seatposts are weak, and bad form will break most of all of them. Even 80 pound kids have broke the Koxx and KH seatposts.

Also, you need to take in the fact, if your are landing sideways going off sets and big drops, I would say its all your fault that a product breaks. Also, how tight are your spokes, too tight, too loose, how maintained is the uni?

Lots of a little things need to be considered before you say, KH sucks because I blah blah blah, Koxx sucks because I already blah blah blah.

Haha, yeah, but his spokes were sooo loose though. The question I still have is, did bending the rim make them loose, or did having them loose cause them to bend?

Also, I rode Brent’s uni for a little bit the right before he bent his rim, and I do remember the spokes not being as tight as they could be.

um… my spokes werent loose at all. i tightened them VERY well just a week before. the spokes look loose b/c i broke 8 spoke nipples on that jump and many of the other spokes bent (it was a sideways landing on that 6 stair in my vid btw).