orange bud

how can i get an orange bud in the us

i reccomend renagaed (sp?)
they have awesome service!

they dont have the orange bud though

yeah they do

website says

oops make that

Why the orange bud, get qu-ax or KH for that money lol

cause the orange bud is an actual street uni

so is the kh

You mean it’s heavy, has weak cranks that are promoted as ISIS even though they’re not and what else?..


if you get it from renegade, they will let you mix and match parts. so you can have the street rim and seat while still saving a little money by getting a devil frame.

i have yet to see a problem with the koxx street cranks. (tho they may have some issues with the the claim to isis, they are plenty strong for me. drops, spins, flips, grabs, grinds and all. unless you plan to get a set of bike cranks the isis problem is not one to worry about.

I wish koxx would give everyone who bought there not-isis hub an actual isis hub as compensation

how come xav and yoggi use them then

They dont have to care when they break something thats it

They are sponsored by Koxx

Dude, Yoggi(82) is Koxx One.

Peter M

Yeah man, seriously. Bud = Rip. And the way you have to upgrade every part on the devil is stupid. The cranks are the bud are pretty weak and heavy. Get a kh, seriously. That way you have the abillity to use bike (isis) cranks, which there are many more choices of cranks than just 3 kinds of cranks wich you would have to choose from had you gotten a bud.

i dont wanna use bike cranks on my uni though
apart from the iss thing is it an ok uni

Doesnt matter :smiley:

when he breaks something he just takes a new one

Riding an Orange Bud won’t make you as good as Xav or Yoggi.

im aware of that
i was wondering y xav and yoggi use k1 if there so crappy

It’s not a terribly bad unicycle but for the same money you can have a lighter, stronger KH unicycle… if we’re going to throw good people into this, Kevin McMullin and Shaun Johanneson ride Kris Holm… Getting a KH won’t make you as good as them either but it’s still the better buy. The Qu-Ax is just as good as the Koxx Orange Bud and would save you lots of money so I definitely wouldn’t go for this one.