orange bud

Because Yoggi is the Koxx-One manager and Xavier is sponsored by Koxx-One? It doesn’t matter if the cranks bend after a big stairset, they just stick on new ones. Xavier rides with the black domina frame I think which is a little heavier than the KH but with plastic pedals the black domina weights about as much.

I believe Yoggi is the creator of Koxx-one, and it’s probably convenient for Xav to use Koxx, seeing as how he lives in France…

Same as I said… :roll_eyes:

Peter M

oh yay another koxx vs kh thread i can get into !!

but i wont cause i couldnt be bothered.

hoorah for koxx. :stuck_out_tongue:

KH will dominate the unicycle world.
OH waith, he allready does :sunglasses:

Peter M

More people ride Qu-Ax hahaha… seriously though…

pretty sure more people have crappy learner unicycles than ppl have KHs.


My 1st unicycle only costed me $60 and was mildly crappy until i tried to do bunny hops and the frame started to bend. :frowning:

Ok, now i dont really know exactly how strong the bud is, but i can say that i have ridden 2 different buds before and i like the feel to them a lot better than the kh. flip tricks are a bit easier and just feel more natural. Now i own a KH and it isnt exactly indestructible. Ive bent 2 rims (one of them a kh) and have broken 2 or 3 kh seatposts and probably around 14 kh spokes. i dont really know if the orange bud is worse but i can say that it has a more natural feel for flips etc. and besides, its like 50 g heavier than the kh. thats barely ne difference.

i like my orange bud…id rather have it than an KH…

video? who are you?
show us something so we can believe it… i took my KH off an 8 set and landed sideways … it WAS fine, i bent it later on, but that was about as bad as you can do to a rim and stay on the uni. the spokes are a bit of a downer for the Kh, as they are 13 ga…
i have done stuff to my KH i didn’t think i would ever do on/to a uni… and that i wouldn’t do on anyone else’s uni.
btw… my rim is very nearly straight now after being bent to the frame.

never got any vids of how strong my uni is but i got a sequence…
never landed the drop but its a tough uni IMO…that drop is about 9feet i think…

Here is Pele’s video.

yeah pele is awesome…

Personally I think it is a very biased arguement when the K1 vs KH topic arises. I don’t really want to be “That Jackass” to point this out, but I can’t help but think that the reason that so many people prefer the Koxx-one uni’s to the KH is because of the slight price difference. REALLY THOUGH? If these uni’s were the exact same price, I have a hard time believing that the same amount of people would still be riding the K1’s. Koxx-one ARE great unicycles. I own both manufacturers products. I have to admit that there are so many little things that make the KH line nicer.

When I was researching which uni’s to buy I had to take it into consideration that some of you younger guys on here are pinching pennies, or relying on parents…or cashing in on gifts. As was I when I was younger. All of the price war talk did make it very hard to tell what was really the better buy.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone with this…I guess I’m good at it every so often…:frowning:

Shameless mix, ftw.

I just bought a koxx uni and I am very pleased with it. It’s a very, very well built unicycle. I think alot of people miss the point when it comes to higher end unicycles. They each have their pros and cons.

Once you get to the point of spending $400+ on a wheel and seat, you’re pretty much getting the cream of the crop and brand name becomes personal preference. There’s nothing worng with a Kris Holm uni. They’re awesome, no arguements. However, so are the koxx1 unis. I personally prefere the koxx1 unis over the kris holm because it would be easier for me to get parts (I haven’t needed parts yet by the way).

If you want the orange bud, get it. It’s a great uni. However, if you want the Kris Holm uni instead, get that. There’s no real reason to nitpick over one or the other because they’ll both get the job done. that’s were to go for a koxx1. There is a note about ordering XTP’s and Orange Buds and a phone number to call on that page.

If you want a kris holm uni go to: they can get almost anything you might want in the way of unicycles.

Good Post. My 2 cents, the K1’s look better.:slight_smile:

there’s no point to look, if you’re a good rider you need good parts, not pretty parts.

Sure there is. I dont want someting that looks like a it was made as a school project. I want something pretty and that looks nice. Of course function comes first, but its not the only thing that comes into play.
When I am buying a snowboards I know what couple brands to look for, but the graphic plays a roll.