Oracle 36 - minimum inseam length?

I’m intrigued to get my first 36er and the Oracle 36 looks very cool to me. The only problem is that UDC lists a minimum inseam length of 31.1"(79cm) with the seat post cut down; but I have only 30.7"(78cm) even with my tallest shoes. Could this be a dealbreaker to me? Is there any shorter Oracle riders around?

(No I don’t like the Nightfox!)

UDC shows the minimum inseam for a 36" Oracle as 30", Here
That is apparently with 125mm cranks and with shorter cranks the inseam could be even less.

You should be ok. My inseam is 77cm. I suspect the Oracle and KH inseam requirements are the same.

Interesting, it seems UDC UK and US has different measurement. Out of curiosity I checked all the UDC sites, US and Costa Rica list as 30" (76cm) while all other countries list as 31" (79cm).

UDC lists minimum inseam requirement of KH36 is 33.5"(85cm)! Are you riding a KH36?

I found freemounting it simply too frustrating so you’ll probably see me riding on a 24 or 29"!

Imo if you’ve got a rolling mount, you’ll be fine.

Sure, just to make sure that I’m understanding correctly: so you have a KH36 and can ride on it without a problem with 77cm inseam, although UDC states that the minimum inseam is 85cm?

For a KH36 you may need to use a different saddle/seatpost than stock (and Nimbus shadow handle not recommended etc) but yes, with a 77cm inseam a KH36 is rideable. With 150mm cranks my seat was the full way down, and with 125mm the seat was ~1-1.5cm off from the very minimum.

It seems UDC can’t agree with themselves from site to site. The KH official website lists as 76cm, which is more reasonable and fits your story.

Anyways I’ve ordered the Oracle (prefers the KH but it’s been out of stock for quite a while) and I’ll see what happens. I may have to saw the frame down a little bit.

My Oracle has arrived. UDC helped me to cut the seat post all the way down, I can ride it without any problem. The first 6 mile test ride was fun!


That is good to know, thanks.

I must be about the same size as you (5’7 and just measured 30.5" inseam with my boots). I thought I’d have to go the Nightfox route if I wanted to go up to a 36" from my 32", but an Oracle would probably do me too.

I’m 5’9 but never realized my legs are so short :sweat_smile: Anyways glad they are conservative on the measurement.

I definitely would recommend the Oracle, but with the seat post all the way down, while still being at a comfortable riding position, I can’t have it lower any further. I can’t use a pair of longer cranks neither (currently using the stock 125mm cranks). It’s good enough for me though.


Hey, I just realized you were already here. Based on my experience in the past 10 months, I think with 30.5" inseam you’ll be fine with an Oracle 36. My inseam is almost the same as yours, I can ride it without any problems, and I can even increase the seat height for like half an inch. Don’t hesitate, join the fun of the Big Wheels!

Thanks. I had absolutely no memory of this thread at all when I asked the question on the other thread! Anyhow, seeing the photos of your setup is very useful as it reinforces that I’d probably be fine on a 36".

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I changed the cranks to a pair of 118mm Impact Eiffel Tower today (from the stock 125mm VCX). It effectively lowered my seat height by 7mm, which does not seem to be a big deal but surprisingly made the ride much more comfortable, despite the shorter cranks being harder to pedal and control. In a 20km test ride, I feel much less discomfort in the crotch area. So I guess, maybe, I did make some tradeoffs for riding without meeting the minimum inseam requirement. I’ll do more test to see if that’s true.