Onza 20-inch Trials VS Nimbus Hoppley

I am currenty looking for a new uni and several caught my eye.

I origonally wanted the Nimbus hoppley, but it disappeard (teporarily out of stock) Then I was looking at the qu-ax (I wan’t the hoppley more.) But then another one has showed up on UDC the Onza 20-inch Trials Cycle. It looks to me like it is a better uni then the Hoppley and Qu-ax.

What I am wondering is if it is worth the money and is stronger then the others mentiond?

I personally think the nimbus is better than the onza. the nimbus frame doesn’t stick out at the crown as much, and is a bit lighter. I also like the seat on the nimbus more. I also think that the nimbus has a stronger hub/crankset.

if your willing to spend that much for an onza, just save up some more and go for a kh.

I thought about that a little after I posted this.

And yes I agree but I don’t think I’m willing to pay that much for the Onza.

The Onza has the KH/Onza hub, which is an evolution of the KH hub that is used in the hoppley. However some people feel the old Kh hub is stronger. Having held both hub/cranksets in my hand the onza one is significantly lighter, other than that id go for the hoppley if it’s cheaper, it’s a solid ride.

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So mainly the differences between these two is the hub and 100 bucks.

I think I’ll stick with the hoppley it should be in stock in about a week. :smiley:

Yeah pretty much, i think if that hoppley had been out when i bought a trials uni i may well have got one (i have the onza incidently).

Hoppley: Rim is better, frame is comparable, but smaller at the crown so hits your knees less. Saddle is better. Cranks have those annoying nubs ppl bitch about, but I’ve never had a problem riding my GFs. Sweet blue colour. Tyre made of cheese.

Onza: Hub & cranks are better (lighter, more crank choice), no nubs, easy as pie to remove, no double bolt faffing. 27.2mm seatpost is more compatible with trials setups & frames like the KH or Koxx if u ever upgrade the frame. Onza pedals are the biggest pinned bstrds alive, and will eat your shins without protection, but the are amazingly good in the wet.

Get the hoppley. Back when I got my Onza, I would have done.

well… i would go for the qu-ax, but i just bought the koxx red devil, and its only £10 more than the onza, and its amazing.

But i mean i dont know when the hoppley is coming back, but it hasnt been in stock for ages, i dont know when they plan to restock.
and how is the tyre on the hoppley cheese? its a normal CC, i mean thats wot most trail unis have… well koxx have try all which apparently wears down even quicker

I really like tryall tires. they are awesome! after those my favorite is the CC, and I really want to try the eagle claw.

Just cos every uni has them doesn’t mean its good, just means its cheap. I’ve seen CC’s wear down in weeks, my Luna has lasted a year and only just needs rotating. And its just as grippy, and doesn’t fold under like its made of cheese. Hence CC = cheese.

no agreed just cause its on every uni, doesnt mean its good, but its a soft compound tyre, so its bound to wear down quicker. A luna is a hard compound, so it goes down to wot you prefer, hard or soft… (damn thats so dodgy)

The question is, is the CC more cheesy than the try-all and the monty soft coumpound tyres?

my CC is super duper grippy, but I think that may be partly of my low weight. I can stick to anything with it.

Where do you get Lunas??

i dunno they dotn seem to be on udc or udck

they are on municycle.com
dunno how much shipping to us would be, but probably a few CC’s… LOL


whoo whoooo the hoppley’s back in stock. YESSSS!!!

Just orderd one on Saturday.

The lady said I got one of the LAST ones for a while and they are extremely popular.

Glad I got mine now.

Yippe. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think from personal experience the try-all is softer compound than the CC, but compound hardness doesn’t necessarily mean faster wearing. CC does wear fast, needs to be rotated every few weeks if you ride quite a lot.