Onza 20-inch Trials VS Nimbus Hoppley

well i’m very happy with my try-all tyre… its very nice. Nice purchase on the hoppley mate! I was considering one of them then decided to go for the full monty with the koxx :smiley: I’m so glad, its sooo nice

Yeah it’s finally here!!!

It’s so cool the tire is so bouncy and the hub isn’t crooked. yeah :sunglasses: .

I’ve herd some bad and good things about the nimbus frame. It seems to be very very sturdy to me. It’s a little on the heavy side but that dosen’t bother me to much.

My question is IF the thing breaks what frame should I put on it?

Ive only seen one broken Nimbus II frame, and that was Codys. I think thats his name. But he always breaks things. =p

Ive seen one unicycle that was strapped on the back of a car. The car got slammed from behind by another car on the freeway. The whole uni was broke, except, tthe Nimbus II frame. =p

If you do manage to break it, any 42mm frame will fit it, so you have a lot of choices.