One wheeler bike made in 70's ? anyone ?

Hi does anyone have any info about one of the most unique unicycles ever made called “One Wheeler” looks like bicycle without front tire. Made by Richard Cunninghave editor of Mt. bike action magazine.

I’m not sure which one it is. But i did find this and got to where it says “One-way one-wheel/unidirectional unicycle”

Do a search on these forums for unibike, you’ll find what I believe you are looking for…

I have one of the one whelers too. I never heard of the Richard Cunningham connection though. I always thought it was made by the Two Wheeler company that made Stroker BMX bikes in the 70s. they both used rectangular top tube material and the MX 60 mag wheel is the same as was used on a lot of the BMX bikes. The decal also uses the same font as the BMX decal and in small letters reads Iggy and Mikes or Ziggy and Mikes.

It was Lizard and Mike’s on the decal.

I made a post about this thing a while back. Apparently they sold about 30 of them.

I have a couple of photo’s in the gallery section of this site, but the gallery is down. If the gallery comes back online I’m sure the photo’s will magically re-appear in the post.

Pics of my one wheeler

one wheeler

I must be one of the few. My brother worked at fullerton bikes aka Mulhrunny bikes back in the 70s. Lizard and Mike made these bikes and he bought one.I think they made them in town if not that shop. He was mad that he couldn’t ride it so I hopped right on and had it wired. I was always kind of a wheelie king in the day.Its in the garage and I ride it once in a while

Not to make assumptions: Was it a fixie or a freewheel? Usually those nylon mag wheels were set up with freewheel hubs but without a brake I can’t see it being very fun. So probably a fixie.

Yes this is a fixie type hub. You couldn’t have a free wheel with a brake. You have to really use the unicylcle and wheelie balance together.

One Wheeler

Hi jons,
The One Wheeler in the picture belonged to my brother, Pat Hampton who was the original owner.
I sold it to a gentleman in Eugene, OR. My brother passed away and I would sure like to buy it from you. I should not have let it go, as it rightly belongs in the family. Have a heart and call me. 541-505-4578

Kevin, that post is 3 years old and jons hasn’t checked this forum since about that time. Your best bet is to send him a private message as it will send an email to him. If he still uses the same email you might be able to contact him that way. Otherwise the chances are verrryy slim that he will see your post.

Wow, small world. I started working at fullerton bike shop in 79 and remember watching that yellow one-wheeler rip up and down commonwealth, he made it look so easy. Up and down curbs, no problem.

I tried it once and face-planted. But IIRC I did better than Monty :slight_smile:
What’s your brother’s name?

Steve Bishop