One Pound Cheeseburgers and a Lama riding a unicycle

Tonight I took my stepson and his friend to Bub’s Burger’s in Carmel, Indiana. The mission was for each of us to eat a one pound burger (one pound after being grilled). We accomplished our mission and for that we got our pictures put on their wall.

After our meal I took the guys to the ice cream section of the restaurant and what do I see? A painting of a lama riding a unicycle. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

I’m the guy on the right.

So you guys still wanted ice cream after those? Impressive.

Dang. I always thought you were John Cleese!

That llama is riding a Summit!

And he bent the cranks on his last drop.

that burger looks gooooooood…

The rim is also deformed. I’d like to see a video of the part-bending hardcore riding it does. :slight_smile:

this is interesting, you say that you got your pictures on the wall for eating said cheeseburger, you then notice that there is a picture of a llama riding a unicycle on the wall, correct me if i am wrong but surely that means that a llama riding a unicycle must have also eaten an insane amout of cheeseburger,m maybe the food place has a register of people on the wall, or names beneath the pictures, you should get the llamas number, direct him to the forum, it seems everyone wishes to speak to him.

p.s - if you ever meet the llama at it turns out he is female please apologise on my behalf for reffering to him as “he” in this post.


Sorry if I mis-represented myself. I guess my obsession with perfecting my silly walk has twisted my self-image.


Allow me to elaborate. You are correct that surely the lama ate at least one 1 pound burger to get it’s image on the wall. I expect they did the painting to honor he/she as probably the first lama to do so. Unfortunately names are not recorded for those that consume “The Big Ugly” so I may never be able to identify it.

On a side note, its fun to mention the restaurant also honors those that consume more than just one Big Ugly. Around 20 people have 8x10 pictures indicating they polished off 2 Big Ugly’s. Three kings of consumption have full size posters designating them as eaters of 3 Big Ugly’s. When I asked a server about the meaning of the 8x10’s and poster size pictures, she explained this to me and insinuated that one of the 3x Big Ugly guys vomited during one attempt. I found that hugely entertaining, because I’m like that.

Lastly, I’ll add that this place is perfectly located on the Monon Trail. The Monon Trail used to be a railroad track and is now paved for bicycles etc… The lama might have just been riding along and chanced upon Bub’s Burgers.