on the news!


Congrats Wesley, great job! :smiley:

Great work Wesley.

Nice Spot, Wes!! Now you need great abs so the weatherbabe will talk about you :wink:



mine are no bad but not good haha

You have invented “Una-Trick-Cycling!” :smiley: A great bit of news coverage.

YAY!!! thanks. all the people were super nice.

Ha Ha

“I left it at your mom’s house”, heh heh…

Nicely done!

Nice job. I wish I could jump around. It was fun to watch the news clip after watching your dad’s video of you making the news clip.

thanks everyone!
mbalmer: I thought that was cool also
4umfreak: it was on the top of my head
johnfoss: I am going to use what he said. it works super good.

nice piece. enjoyed watching it thinking of all the folks that will be inspired watching it in your area!

kb1jki: I have let 3 people barrow my loaner unis to learn.

Nice job, and I like your comeback to “Where’s your other wheel?” I’d use it but I’m a girl… yeah. :slight_smile:

It’s nice when they give you more than a 10 second “look at this crazy kid” blurb. :slight_smile: great job!

Great coverage

Really cool!

Good Job!!!

thanks all! hoping my new deal will come through