On the masculine-feminine spectrum, where do you place the unicycle? The bicycle?

Which is the more masculine activity/hobby, unicycling or bicycling? Which is the more feminine, unicycling or bicycling?

for every type of biking, there’s a type of unicycling, they’re very similar.

Mountain unicycling? freestyle? street? trials?
biking vs unicycle on all of them?

heck I don’t know, it’s what you make it. What made you wonder about that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I will say that I notice more guys than girls riding, but. . . a significantly larger percent of girls than the percentage among jugglers. That doesn’t really have to do with your question directly, but it’s food for thought. On the other hand, I see more guys biking than girls as well. . . . so I don’t know how valid that info is :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are you so insecure?

I don’t think it’s a question of insecurity! The question occurred to me, and I would like to hear your perspectives. As for me, for some reason I seem to think that unicycling is the more feminine sport! Perhaps it has to do with the fact that you can go faster with the bicycle as well as be more assertive and confident in your movements, whereas with the unicycle there always has to be a certain degree of tentativeness in your movements, and the way you move is a much more critical factor in your performance. In bicycling you don’t have to worry so much about how your body is positioned or how it is moving or on small details such as the shorts or the shoes you wear. Somehow, the need to attend to such minor details seems to tip more towards the feminine pole on the masculine-feminine spectrum.

I am sure that’s only because there are more girls who want to learn or have learnt how to ride unicycles. As riding becomes more extreme there aren’t a lot of girls or woman riding unicycles anymore.

I’m having trouble with this one. I think more photos of topless female riders would help me decide. Volunteers, feel free to PM me. And no man boobs, please. :roll_eyes:

In french where everthing is either masculine or feminine - bicycle is feminine. I’m not sure what unicycle is. Maybe someone can chime in.

In French, it’s “le monocycle”, I just checked! So too in Italian, la bicicletta (feminine) as opposed to “il monociclo” (masculine).
Spanish: “el monociclo” (masculine)

This post demonstrates nothing but a lack of respect and understanding towards females. Nothing to do with cycling.

The root question seems to be sexist. Does it mean to imply one is “better” than the other? Certainly it is not the activity itself, rather what you do with it.

Also I guess it’s a cultural question.

Bi-cycle=goes both ways.
Uni-cycle=one way only. (which way depends on your pov) :stuck_out_tongue:

a bike is “un velo” (there’s supposed to be an accent) so that’s masculine but it’s also “une bicyclette” (feminine) so it goes both ways? :thinking:

This entire discussion turns me on a bit.

I’m debating sigging that.

But Uni-sex goes both ways again. Confusing!

Or Level 11 (so nobody else has to bring that up).

now I’m confused about the term unisex

Unisex: two unis doing it?

its nothing to do with thw sex of a person,

its where the passion lies that counts

I’ve always thought it depends a lot on the type of riding. Muni seems to be more masculine, for example, whereas freestyle has always struck me as more feminine. I think that muni has always struck me as more masculine just because women are still outnumbered (by a lot, I think, but I’m not sure) and the activity involves (usually) getting covered in dirt and scratches and having to be kind of gutsy (which is sterotypically not something that will appeal to females, but we all know stereotypes aren’t really anything to judge by). And freestyle (like ice skating) just seems girly to me for whatever reason.

Seeing as how I’m female and come home from long muni rides on the weekend covered in dirt, mud, and scratches on a regular basis, you can imagine what this has done to my perception of my own femininity :o Alas, it doesn’t seem to bother my husband, so I guess all is well :stuck_out_tongue:

But I thought bicycles usually only go one way, forward, whilst unicycles can go both ways;)