Omni wheel

I rode my Coker up to a party at some house I was attending.

2 of the people there were in a band (Grassy Knoll and the Magic Bullet…you have NOT heard of them)

And the singer/guitarist goes “hey man, an omni wheel!” and then breaks into song

“…I ride my omni-wheel, the omni wheel rides me…!”

that’s all he got to (but it had a nice beat…and he was really into it) look for that line in upcoming pop songs

I didn’t realise the name “unicycle” was so obscure… people seem to like calling it all manner of things. If I had a pound for each time someone called it a monocycle, I’d have about £4.

The best one was where a little kid got the name right, but the parent didn’t…

Sadly they didn’t burst out into song. Does that mean I’m not living in a dream world after all?


Unicycle is a Frankenstein kind of word like hexadecimal. The root kyklo is Greek and the prefix uni is Latin. In the case of hexadecimal the root decem is Latin and the prefix hexa is Greek. Monocycle is probably a more appropriate word but we English speakers reserve that for a large wheel in which the pedaller occupies the center.


I bet that hexadecimal in french is decimalhexa. I dont know how that has to do with anything but french is always backwards.

Well, you can’t blame songwriters. “Unicycle” is a bitch to make rhymes with… :slight_smile: