Old Poster

We always had this really old poster. I never payed much attention to it. seeing it again, I realize that it’s all about unicycles!

Seat drag down a staircase on a bigwheel with handle bars!

I’m not sure about this one

A Penny Farthing

Ladie next to unicycle

Looks like double BC wheels or roller skates

A wheelbarrow

A seesaw consisting of a sawhorse and a ladder

Huge ultimate wheel! Imagine the wobble on that!

Does anybody have any information on this poster? Looks like it says AUC COUCETT. At the bottom in small it says: Afeiches Americaines. CH lEVY 10 Rue Martel Paris. On the back a sticker reads: Creation Exclusive Custom Made Expressly for RIEND RESTAURANT LTEE(end may be cut off) #4 AFFICHE “Champion monocycliste”. Then a logo with a unicorn that says ARTISTICA and in tiny print underneath it says Montreal.

Sounds like it was made for a restuarant. Anyway I thought it was interesting.

See, I TOLD you guys all this stuff has been done 100 years ago… :slight_smile:

There was a similar poster (same image but different printing) in the Jenack home when I lived there in the 80s. Auc Coucett was a famous Vaudeville performer around the turn of the century. He and others like him did cycling acts with all sorts of ideas that were probably more or less original at that time. Some of it is stuff that still isn’t being reproduced today. Like that handlebar-drag down the steps. Can you say endo?

I would love to get one of those posters…

I suspected that you would now. Thanks for the info.


since 1981 I had the idea to this kind of roller skates and i thought this is my idea… now i see its much older…

fantastic discovery!!! :sunglasses: