Old dog, new tricks!

My eighth video is now up for comments & criticism.

It just lets me show my progress with a bit of some new stuff I’ve learnt in the last month. Kick up mounts, crank grabs and on foot riding. Nothing spectacular but it’s a long way for me to have come.

Appreciate any feedback whatsoever!


VIMEO: http://vimeo.com/1081668

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/v/S4mBQHc8eV4

good job keep it up

Yee Haa, Old guys rocks. Does me a world of good to see someone else going thru the learning process. I’m a newbie at 46, have been riding less than 3 months.

Impressive stuff for the length of time you’re been unicycling. Keep it up.

Some creative stuff in there, very cool! The batman shirt was awesome, I want a batman sticker for my helmet. The line where you had the 29" in the foreground as you hopped up stairs and then you hopping the same stairs with the 29" was nice.

Nice skills, they are coming along nicely.

Great work. It’s nice to see that a video can still be really entertaining, even if it doesn’t have hick-double-fifth-varialflips or whatever.

I’m inspired. Time to work on kick-up mounts. They look cool.

Thanks for the positive comments guys. They are very much appreciated.

I’m gonna try my hardest to hit a 180 & 360 unispin as that is something I’ve aspired to for a long time.

It’s good to see that it’s not just unigeezer on here that’s burning a few candles. It makes me feel a lot better to know it’s not just 12-25 year olds doing this crazy sh*t

Thanks for watching.

Loving the video, Unibob you are not alone :slight_smile:

I’m sure you will hit those unispin’s very soon. Got my first last year for a BUC video comp - can’t beat the feeling.

good riding! i wish i could convince my dad to ride!

a word of encouragment/advice with your 180 spins, you look close but it looks like you do a tiny stand still before them, it might be easier and give you a bit more time if you take a quicker prehop and “bounce” into it, rather than “stall” into it

hope that helps:)

old guy new uni…

Hey! Nice vid and it looks like you’re getting the hang of quite a bit of crazy sh*t. I’m 41, just got my 1st uni since I was 16. Back then there was none of these tricks that I ever new about. I got a Torker lx 24". My thought was just to ride it but I’m getting a little inspired to push it a bit. I love the kick up mount and the hops/small jumps, maybe a spin mount. Question: 41 w/ a 24 - what are my limitations for these kind of tricks?

None whatsoever. :smiley:

C00L. Thanks - …any tips?


Look at unigeezer (Terry) he’s got ten years on you and is not restricted by any limits.

I’m only a beginner so I don’t reaaly class myself as qulaified to hand out tips and hints but all you need is BELIEF. I’m not talking about religion or anything like that. Just BELIEF in yourself. I BELIEVE that I will soon hit my 180 Unispin and I’m gonna keep trying until I get it.

Just keep on getting up, dusting yourself off and trying again.

Thanks for the +ve comments on my vid too, it’s nice of so many people to say nice things. (Even at my basic level)

Thanks gain,


I’m in the same boat as Bob. I can give good tips on the stuff I’ve learned, but I’m still early in the process, too.

Anything you want tips on in particular? In general, start with the easy stuff (like IUF levels 1 and 2) and work up from there. It all comes with practice. If you want to work on it long enough to get through the learning curve, you will.

Bob - on unispins, I liked this tutorial a lot. I found that no-footers were the hardest part of it for me and I had to back up and just work on those for a while. I did seat-in no-footers just barely leaving the pedals at first, then worked up to doing SIF no-footers and jumping high. After I was comfortable with that, I was able to land my first 180.

One other thing you might try. It looks like you don’t want to land on the pedals (which is understandable). You might try doing a couple of jump mounts where you deliberately miss with one foot, just to convince yourself that it won’t really hurt that bad (wearing your leg armor, of course). When you go for the 180s, you’re going to land like that a lot, and it helps to get over the fear of it early.

BTW - I did my first kickup mounts and my first hops over a picnic table (via the benches) this week. Thanks for the ideas of fun stuff to work on.

Great video, you’ve definitely improved.


I’d hardly consider you “old” in your 30’s.

Thanks for posting! I’m picking it back up after not riding since I was a kid… so seeing other ‘older’ riders learning new tricks is great! Keep it up!