Old Aussie/New Zealand movie

I agree with all above, one of the best videos.

It was filmed by the late Pete Marchant (pete66)

I think he used a camera very similar to this one LINK


Old Aussie/new Zealand movie?

Does that mean it’s old for the Aussies, but recent for the Zealanders?

this is one of the best video ever!

i always watch it again and again

the music is great too

Hah, good call.

Nah they meant that they weren’t sure whether its Oz or NZ, but it’s NZ. Filmed about 2 years ago.

I saw this somewhere, like 10 months ago.

It was great to see it again though:D

Is there a way to download this?

Right click - save as.

This is a freaking awesome vid.

Thanks jerrick

Yeah, thanks :slight_smile:

Whoa! Pete’s dead?

Sadly yea. He passed 7th July. Hes very sorely missed by many riders. :frowning:


Below is the Thread about it


Miss you Pete