Old Aussie/New Zealand movie

This was posted a while ago in RSU, it’s so good it deserves its own thread here, in the movie forum.

Here it is


i just watched that movie a few hours ago. its a great vid!

damn its an awesome vid!!!
i like the street sections
the camera leading (is that the right expression?) is perfect
ride on :wink:

awesome!! :smiley:
I love street :wink:

sweet stuff there :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
edit smiley faces

great filming on the muni section! made it really fun to watch. also good lighting on almost every shot.

Nice I liked it, decent filming and the music seemed to work well too :sunglasses:

Wow, Pete’s MUni was awesome, as was the rest of the video. The camera work was amazing.

Definately one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s a damn shame that Tomsey doesnt ride anymore, he was really insane.


That was amazing, you Aussies are a real inspiration.

That’s a great video!
My new favourite.
I loved the music too. What’s the name of the band? Is it Australian?

The band is the John Butler Trio, I don’t know where they’re from though.

does anybody know how they got the camera to go along with the unicycler so smooth?

its John Buttler Trio. John Butler was born in America but he’s Australian. And how come Tomsey doesnt ride anymore? whats up with that hes awesome

Glide cam:)

I still dont get what a glide cam is…

thats a sick vid

Aerodynamic camera with wings. I usually just go without the remote and just throw it after whoever’s riding and hope for the best. :astonished:

the video will not work for me:(

did you try right clicking/ save as?

that made it work for me.

Eh, are you taking the piss?

If no, can I please see some pictures?