Okay...one thread for all my progress

I decided to start just one thread for all my progress, rather than start multiple threads for each update. Thanks for all the encouragement so far!

Here is the link to my second video update. It shows my progress. (or lack thereof:p) after about 2.5 hours of falling.


Seems like good progress to me! That last run was great for 2.5 hours.

I am quite sure that it took me three times that long to get as far as your last run. Good work!

Thanks! It is kind of like I fall, and fall and fall, and then all of the sudden, I get a good run. I get excited and then fall and fall and fall.

Love quote at the bottom of your replies by the way!

Mike, I am having a blast, I have taken some pretty rough falls, but so far no damage! To me or the unicycle!

Good Job! I’m 50 and on day 5 - I used to ride when I was a kid but I’m having to relearn quite a bit - I also went with a 26" Muni and that has it’s challenges as well - Keep it up!!

Fifty! Wow! Guess I won’t complain about soreness! I am glad it takes practice to learn. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and then where would the cool factor be! Haha!

Take up unicycling over 50? Totally ridiculous! :slight_smile: (I just started in May of this year.)

Keep up the good work, markf80. It can seem like progress comes slowly but it’s OK as long as you’re having fun trying it. Journey, not destination.

The beauty of Unicycling is the journey is FULL of miniature destinations, so you could be riding 20 years and still be on the ‘journey’ :smiley:

Ok, so about that lean…

I have been making pretty good progress. I plan on posting another video tomorrow.

One thing that is driving me crazy is that i have this crazy left hand pull. No matter what I try, i always drift to the left… Never straight or right.

Is this a posture issue? Pedaling issue?

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome! Thanks!

I imagine that you are unconsciously leaning to the left. Have you done all your practicing leaning against something to the left? It should be something that more practice will sort out fairly easily. Maybe you could find a pole to circle around to the right for a while to counterbalance your left tendencies. Being able to turn one direction better than the other is a normal issue, the solution of course is just to practice more. You’ll get it figure out if you practice enough.

There, I told you to practice three times. Practice Practice Practice :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had days like that. Sometimes it’s just a sign that I’m tired and need to start wrapping up that practice session and/or give myself a day off. It seems it’s more often to the left for a lot of us for whatever reason.

I could say what I think I’m doing when that happens, but I’m not really sure and it might different for everyone anyway. But it seems to work itself out over time. As you get better at turning, you’ll also get better at not turning. :slight_smile:

If you’re riding on a street that’s crowned, you could try riding on the other side where it tilts the other way. Often that helps me when things are feeling wonky.

I know this problem very good … In my case, it’s always been the right side …

This will go away … Don’t worry about …

Great! Thanks guys for the encouragement and knowing that I am not the only leaner!

Just had another leaning thought.

If you’re riding on a road sometimes there is enough camber to make you drift sideways. Of course in your case it’s probably just that you could use more practice.

Next Video - After Dark!

I am having almost as much fun making these videos as I am learning to ride!

This video footage was not as good as I had hoped, due to poor lighting, but I did get across the road! In my first video I made it to the end of the driveway after a number of attempts. I can now make it about 50 ft consistently before falling. I think I could go further, but am still learning how to turn. At this point, the ride ends when the road ends.

Hi mark!

Great progress, thanks for sharing all this.

About left hand pull:
Always had my left shoulder in front when learning to ride the 20" but this symptom is gone now (or i have better control over it).
Same with 24", also had to do with saddle height.
Same with 26", part of the cure was more saddle height.

And now i hae the same going on with my 36".

The more you ride, the better you get.



P.S.: Something that always helps: Weight on the seat!

Great work Mark,
I have found my protectors to be a big help especially the wrist guards and knee pads. They give me a lot more confidence to pedal one more time.

New video of progress

I had been riding down my driveway, as you may have seen in previous videos, but there is a huge dip at the end that I could not get past. I felt that if I could have a longer smooth runway I could go farther. So I took a ladder out onto the street for balance and started from there. It worked. I went from riding a consistent 50 feet to…well…watch!

I also made this compilation of my falling. Figured I did so much of it, it deserved its own video.:slight_smile:

You look like you’ve got falling off aced :roll_eyes:
Seriously, it’s a valuable skill to get off without injury. Looks like the free mounting is almost there too. Now you’ve got the distance under your belt you wont want to keep walking back to a mounting spot…you’ll be super motivated to crack the free mount.

Good effort fella…