OK, OK, OK: Ready for Today's Daft Question?

Has anyone tried riding a unicycle on one of those gym treadmills? If so
how did you get on, is it possible, or just too plain stupid? Any
advice to other idiots wanting to try?


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I don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible once you get going. You would probably need to hold onto something while the treadmill gets up to speed, then let go.

Might be hard to find a gym that would let you try it though…

EDIT: Just saw that other thread - sounds like it is possible then.

Actually it occurs that unicycles and treadmills have great comedy potential. You know, a clowns at the gym routine. I’m slapping my knee already.

I have tried it before. I only tried for like 5 minutes cause i didnt want to get in trouble. ( I was at a public place.) I couldn’t do it very well. Then again that was when i just learned to ride. (About a month or two afterwards.)

LOL, that sounds like a cool idea. I have never tried it so i am going to try it right now.:smiley:

Weird, I was thinking about an hour ago about riding a Coker on one of those bike trainers. I wonder how difficult that would be?


Treadmills are certainly doable. Ive ridden moving walkways a couple of times too. Its fun when you go with it cause you feel like your going reallly fast.

Escalators are hard to go down when your going against them.

And those Bike rollers are REALLY hard. I think it would be useful to have some resistance on them, otherwise itd be like riding on ice.

I have a picture of Wayne Haines (maybe we’ll see him at NAUCC) riding a unicycle on an un-powered treadmill in 1981. You have to hold onto the railings for that one, but that’s the point.

On a motorized treadmill it’s a piece of cake, relatively. Just stay centered!

On rollers, yes it’s kind of like trying to do a stillstand while pedaling. I haven’t tried it.

me and my pal Vince tried to ride the handrail of them escalators once…oddly difficult, it’s like a treadmill skinny… only… unusually hard

Re: OK, OK, OK: Ready for Today’s Daft Question?

On Wed, 25 May 2005 17:31:35 -0500, “johnfoss” wrote:

>On rollers, yes it’s kind of like trying to do a stillstand while
>pedaling. I haven’t tried it.

Not entirely. You could use the roller’s rotational inertia to your
advantage. But I haven’t tried it either.

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Now that sounds like some futuristic trials… how did the ride go? Does the handrail survive the ride? If I could get away with it and avoid prosecution, I’d love to try it someday!

Has anyone tried to ride one of these? my freind has one 'cos he’s training for the next olympics but you can use them for a unicycle too. well, for a few seconds. you just get faster and faster until your legs fly off.

I have it and tried it.Experience as above.On longer run very boring.:slight_smile:

good fun though, but I found it hard to keep in a straight line, as soon as you begin to veer left or right you’re done for.