OK, I'm finally back on this forum! (David Stone)

Hi, all! I have never stopped RIDING, but for some reason, I stopped WRITING on this forum. I even had to create a new account because I couldn’t open my old one (which was David_Stone).

It’s been great seeing friends and acquaintances who are still posting about their rides. Hey, all of you!

As for me, a brief update: At 57, I’m still riding around NYC’s Central Park almost everyday (generally about 50 miles a week, I’d guess). These days I’m on a Nimbus 36" (125s, handlebar, no brake). I still attend get-togethers of the New York Unicycle Club (which I co-founded back in 2001), tho not as often as I should! I’m so pleased that it’s still around! And I’m still teaching some of my private students to ride including two 7-year-olds! In short, not much has changed! I just wish my geared 36" hadn’t stopped working – I loved that uni!

Much love to you all!


Ask @Canapin to get back your previous account

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Welcome back! Do you want me to merge your new account with the old one?


That would be great! I’m pretty sure it was David_Stone and was associated with my old email address (that still works)

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It has been done! :mage:


Welcome back!
btw, I’d strongly recommend not posting email addresses in the open section of the forum since this information can be read by anyone, including web crawlers. If you can’t edit your post, we (admins) could do it for you.