Ok go - MaxUni

Hi, I’ve just made an acount on the forum,
so i decided to show you guys my latest video:)
Riders are Benjamin Dieudonné and Max Haesendonckx(myself)
The little guy with the KH is me:)

So enjoy!

I really enjoyed that! It had a great variety of tricks and kept me watching. Good job!

not a bad video at all.
good riding and decent editing.

just one tip on making videos:: make it a highlight reel, not just a video if you get what i’m saying.

Awesome video man,

I know it wasn’t you, but was that a Nimbus Trials with and ISIS hub I was seeing

I wish I werent at school right now. they even web block google images.

Sorry about the threadjack…

If you’re interest in the nimbus ISIS, you really ought to look here..

nice. you have good form on your crankflips for someone at your level.

I agree with pele, looking pretty solid with those flips. that 3 stair flip onto the box was pretty sweet.

Looks like you have a awesome skatepark, I’m expecting some kickass vids from you in the future.