Oil City Skatepark - Oceanside, NY

It turns out there are MANY skateparks on Long Island!

Oil City is the first one that I’ll be going to. I already spoke to the manager there and he is extremely unicycle friendly and supportive… and he can’t wait to see me ride at the park!

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my Harbinger wrist guards, so I’ll have to see if I can find a place to purchase them locally over the weekend so that I can ride at the park this Monday evening (the only session which is for bikes… and uni’s).

The manager told me he has seen several unicyclists riding at the Long Beach (outdoor) skatepark in the past, which is real close to Oil City… so I’ll be riding at the Long Beach park sometime soon, as well… and hopefully I can meet some of the other unicyclists who ride over there.

I’d love to ride with other unicyclists… so if there is anyone who’d like to join me at Oil City or any other local skateparks, please PM (or email) me.


Hey Andrew,
Oil City is a great place! At the last NYUC meeting I mentioned that I took my nephew there to skateboard last summer and he loved it. I don’t think I can make it this monday night, but I would be game to go another week. Adam & Renie (greenbelt ride) would most likely go also.

Even though I lived in Long Beach for a few years, I never went to the Long Beach outdoor park. I heard it stinks and I wasn’t into riding at the time. I have ridden my uni on the boardwalk with hundreds of bicycles, but I never saw another unicyclist in Long Beach. I would love to see that.

PM me and we’ll set something up.

Re: Oil City Skatepark - Oceanside, NY

Long Beach is where the Semcycles used to be assembled for the U.S. market. But that was quite a few years ago now. Whoever is riding there now is probably completely unrelated to the Abrahams family, though there may be a connection if they’ve been around long enough.

That skate park looks pretty cool. Enjoy!

I remember you mentioning a skatepark… I just didn’t remember that it was Oil City. I’m psyched that the manager is so encouraging toward unicyclists. I’ll most likely go tomorrow night (3/28)… but I’m sure I’ll be back often so I can probably meet you there any time, but it would also be great to figure out which Monday evening session works for everyone (I’m pretty flexible regarding scheduling) and try to get a group together (maybe some other Unatics or local riders will show up, too). I’ll PM you before I go there again.