Oi! my balls!! worst injury via uni

Hey guys, this thread is to post your worst injury that youve gotten from your unicycle. From scars to broken wrists i want to hear it.

Either my messed up ankle or three 8in scars on the back of my leg from my pedal.


P.S. there was already a thread like this onehttp://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63913

Yeah, should of searched before, but whatever.

Ive broken some toes, bruised my back and ribs, and recently tore ligaments in my right foot. Cant ride for another few weeks.

I dislocated my knee once, but it wasn’t very serious, healed quickly, and it back to normal. And I dislocated my shoulder once too, it was wayy more serious and has happened a couple more times after that.

i broke both bones in my leg and dislocated/shattered my ankle. my foot was pointing backward. now i have 10 screws and a plate in there

there is an older thread like this one HERE and THIS is a link to my post in it…