Oh what to buy;)

Hi folks, new to posts but I’m looking at either a Qu-ax cross 29 or Nimbus 29" Touring Unicycle. I would be riding off road more often, so I leaning toward the Qu-ax. Any advice? Don’t know much about Qu-ax? Thanks:)

Do you already know how to ride a unicycle?

And I’ve heard that if you swap the tire on the nimbus that it can actually be quite functional for muni and xc (I would guess that excludes some of the more technical stuff, but I’m not sure, I don’t know a whole lot)

I have the Nimbus Touring 29er. Rode it quite a bit for MUNI and XC with a knobby tire. Eventually I got a KH29 and dedicated the Nimbus to the road but I never had a problem with it.

The red one is on sale right now at UDC.


I’ve ridden a lot on a 20" and 24" schwinn. Was interested in going 36 but I figure a 5 inch change will be enough. I think I’ll go with the Qu-ax but I haven’t heard much about them.?
How hard was it for anyone to go to a 29 inch? 20 to 24 just took a little getting use to. So I figured it would be like that?

The qu-ax website has a catalog you can download with some info.


I have a 26" KH with a Nimbus wheelset and a 20" Qu-ax and I like them both.
I suppose you have to identify what it is you are looking for in your 29" and see which one’s specs fit the bill…e.g. tyre wise, can it take drops, overall weight, compatibility with other brands and upgrade-ability etc etc.

I ride a 26" muni in what I think is rather technical terrain and just love it!I used to have a 29" but didn’t like its responsiveness - felt to slow & awkward, my 26" feels more nimble but can travel at about the same speed as I could on my 29"! I think its a personal choice though, lots of people RAVE about their 29" wheels. I think the 29" feels very different from a handling perspective to the smaller wheels.

Yea I saw that, but I’d be buying out of Korea so the Nimbus is $305 and the Qu-Ax is $270.

For unicycle model choices, where you live is also a factor. Can you get parts for Qu-ax easily?

On wheel sizes, I originally went from a 24" to a 40" and loved it. It’s not like you can’t ride the different sizes, it’s more a question of what you will enjoy riding. If you want maximum speed, reconsider the 36". But for versatility, choice of tires and lightness, 29" is great too.

Thanks for all the input:)

I wanted a 29 because I will use it commute sort of overseas. Some of this dirt road, some of this hoping/climbing onto curbs but I still need to make a about 5 k trip one way. The 29 would move me faster than the 26?

Main question I guess is…I’ve heard a lot of good about Nimbus 29, just looking at old post and the net. I looked at the Qu-ax web page but haven’t seen any strong reviews on it outside their website. So I guess I was asking quality wise is the Qu-ax inline with the nimbus?
And as far as parts available where I live, not applicable because nothing is available here;)

The bigger the wheel the faster you can go (especially with shorter cranks)