Observations of an impossible (BC) wheel newbie...

…unicycling is really easy ;).

I picked up the cheap Torker screw-on style pegs I ordered today from the bike shop and put them on an old 24" wheel. It’s so much fun learning things that feel completely different to anything you’ve done before. It’s taking me a long time to learn to ride an impossible wheel. After 30 minutes I could only ride about 2m but it was still heaps of fun. Both my legs now have red rashes and singed hairs because I didn’t have my 661’s with me but it was well worth it. I’ll post some photos in the ‘My Unicycles’ section of my gallery in a few minutes.

Everyone should try this. I now have three unicycles and my most recent one only cost me $16AUD!

Impossible wheeling is so much fun! I can see the advantage of having pedals instead of pegs and having them below the axle. I haven’t got the guts to try one of those mounts where you roll it along and just jump on yet. I’ve been pushing along beside a handrail and letting go every now and then. I also tried some hand wheel walking (how could I resist?) and went about 10cm :).


That’s Great Andrew. One day when I get one, I’ll let you know what’s my progress. Great Stuff.:slight_smile:


I just took a couple of photos of it…

impossible wheel - pegs and hub.jpg

Well, after reading your post Andrew, I decided to take the front wheel and pegs off my bike (since I don’t use it anymore) and make an impossible wheel.

Well, since I didn’t have anything to hold onto, I rolled it, and would jump onto my REALLY short pegs. That’s when I encountered this problem.

  1. If the pegs are really tight …

They spin with the axle, which spins with the wheel. Sometimes, they stop spinning when I get on, but my feet have to be on it perfectly. But usually, my feet are rolled off as the pegs spin with the wheel.

  1. If the pegs are loosened …

Once I get on them, they spin, so my feet roll off, like trying to balance on a round object without making it spin (not the easiest thing in the world).

So you see my predictament. Anyone have any tips?

PS - Andrew try the rolling jump mount. It may seem hard at first, but it’s a great feeling doing it and riding the impossible for a second.

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I hope this makes sense. If you have rideen one with pegs not pedals before, I hope you can give me some tips.

DasDingus (sorry I don’t know your name),

Great work, I’m glad someone else tried it. I’m not quite sure what you mean by the pegs being tight or loose. Are yours like mine in that you screw them directly onto the axle? In my case, I’ve screwed them on as tight as I could by hand. They roll with the wheel if I’m not on it but for the way i’ve been learning they’ve been fine. I’m sure it’d be much better to learn on an impossible wheel with pedals instead of pegs that are lowered below the hub.

I think I will try it, although I’m pretty nervous about it. I did manage to roll about 2m prety slowly so i got the sensation of iding it for a while. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to practice this afternoon. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I’ll try a rolling mount then.



Sorry to be so incoherent. No, mine don’t screw onto the axle. A bolt screws onto the axle which holds the pegs.

Yea i decided to do that instead, excpet the pedals will be screwed drectly into the axle, not lower than the hubs.

Just remeber: it’s all mental, like the suicide mount. Also, I can only ride it when the BC wheel is going pretty fast. I dunno, maybe that might help.

Keep up the good work.


How will I be able to drill a holes for the left pedal!!! I can only drill normal holes (clockwise tighten, counterclockwise loosen). Guess i have to go out and find another right pedal. Anyone else have any better suggestions?

Don’t use pegs that spin. In other words, use either something flat that’s level with the axle, or a peg (of any size or shape) that’s below the axle and non-rotating.

An easy way to do this might be to take some old crank arms, cut them down to a shorter length, drill holes in them and bolt them onto your axle. Then you’ll want to perhaps tighten up the pedal bearings so the pedals don’t spin.

Thanks for the tips John.

Well, it took me an hour and a half to hack off my old bike cranks. Then I had to sand them smooth, and drill holes for the axle. I found some spare pedals, silver metal wellgos donated from a two-wheeled rider friend. I put everything on, and it worked great! Sure i had some spills but i’m learning!


PS - Try the rolling jump mount yet Andrew?


My best record so far is about 10m. :smiley: Well, healthy competition never hurt anybody.

Yes but I still prefer using a rail to push off from.

Mine too. :slight_smile:


Yea i bet that’s alot safer; after i rolled my right ankle when i put too much weight on that foot on the rolling jump mount. Now the healing begins for a couple days …