O-vet Vetter dan vetheid B)

Goeiedag, :roll_eyes:

Hebben jullie ook zo’n zin in onzin? Wij van http://www.o-vet.nl/ wel, de site bevat leuke onzin informatie! Verder hebben we OVETTV waar allemaal eigen gemaakte droge filmpjes enzo op te zien zijn.

Ook hebben wij een supervet forum, met allemaal gezellig mensen! Alleen we hebben op het moment net iets te weinig leden, dus meld je maar vlug aan op ons Forum!

Ons Forum bevat onder andere subfora’s als: Algemeen, Discussie, Sport, Ovet, OvetTV, Foto’s, Filmpjes, Auto’s, Sex, Kleding, Technologie, Werk, Games, Muziek en Film. Dus je kunt voor alles bij ons terecht!

See ya @ o-vet.nl

i saw the word Auto
and sex.

Clicks, doesn’t it?

I know kierke(spl?). Mischa taught me that. He’s in Canada now. He’s got four sisters, poor sod.

four sisters, deary me…

did they move with him?

Three of them did. The youngest one was born there.

The second youngest - Robin - is the coolest. I used to kick her ass at ps2 snowboarding.

He also had a parrot and a dog.

They took the dog to Canada, but sold the parrot. The parrot was big and would screech vehemently every time he heard a guitar tuner.

did it ever say anything wise?

It only spoke in parrot tongues, so I wouldn’t know. It could climb people pretty well, though. And fly around the house. It was an awesome bird. Pretty, colourful and with a huge beak.

a huge beak is a must for an awsome bird.

Can be dangerous when it gets excited.

It could use the beak and the tallons for climbing around anything it wanted to climb around. That bird is my inspiration.

I think we’re the only ones keeping this Dutch forum alive.

I was thinking that, i wonder what the thread was actually about :frowning:

i feel kinda sorry for the guy, but not sorry enough to google translate it and reply to his post…

your inspiration is birds?

My guess would be that he created a website about everything(cars, photos, jumps, games, skiing, sex) and is trying to promote it. We’re actually helping him by bumping his thread(well, not really).

Birds use gravity in the most ingenous manner - they fly.

he should thanks us both with pm’s

lol’d at bird joke, does not have the mental capacity to come up with something witty right now. too much on.

I hear you killed a penguin?

That was a long time ago…

Haha, I’m loving this thread… I’ve started my own dutch forums and since then these hardly ever get visited :slight_smile: The original post doesn’t really have much to do with unicycling at all so I doubt the guy will be bothered haha, he’s promoting his own website about cars, girls, weird videos and all kinds of stuff. I’m not quite getting the parrot stuff but I don’t think there’s much to get haha

That’s in our best traditions, I think: threadjacking a spam thread.

my father is talking to the cat.

What does he tell it?

Make sure you get back to me when the cat starts replying.

the cat has said nothing yet, although that could be taken as a silence vow. maybe she can speak, yet doesn’t want to.

maybe my father knows something i do not…