NYC lets do it!!!

Anyone interested in doing some New York City Street riding with me. I will be taking the train down from CT to go do some Big city riding. I plan on doing some filming and would love to have some other kids to shoot.
So if yer in NY, New Enlgand or close enough to wanna get in some NYC riding let me know.

When are you going? I may be interested if it’s gonna be trials-type riding.

ill be in new york from this friday until like the following thursday. and one of those i may take a trip to nyc its kidna up in the air. but yea i saw that video you did dude with the girl and all. really cool, one of my favorites cuz it was so different. youre good dude, no doubt, ive seen a lot of crap with uni vids over the past like 4 years so yours was really nice to see. you got something. id lvoe to ride with ya what days are ya gonna be there?

I’m not far from the city. When are you planning on riding?

I will be in the city tonight(monday) and tomorrow. I am helping my brothers girlfriend move, and the weather is kinda iffy, I will howevever still have my uni with me. If anyone is around maybe we can do some riding tomorrow(tuesday the 29th). Tho I will defenetly be staying in NYC for about a week from the 2nd untill ?. So let me know guys if any of those dates work out for you.

I do more street riding, but I would be down for some trials stuff, 'specialy if its next week when I have my new camera to test out.

Thanks for the complements on my video johny, glad you enjoyed.

So if anyone is inerested drop me a PM, also post here Im sure more eastcoasters will turn up.

dang actually like i jsut learned im not allowed to bring my uni with me. thats kidna gay but whatever. would have been fun.

that sucks

what kind of glasses are those?

have fun sam… i cant come seeing as Im in california

Wednesday or thursday anyone?

Sorry, I have work during the week.

I will be goin into NYC for some riding again arond the 30th, anyone interested?

Not that this has worked for getting a ride going in the past, but I thought I would try once again.

I will be in NYC (Greenpoint Brooklyn, but willing to ride anywhere) From now until May 30th.

I am down for any kind of riding, for however long, anywhere in the city… …anyone?

What does that mean, exactly? I know that you can take a uni on many coach buses (Trailways, for example). You just need to wrap it in a large garbage bag if they complain about it needing to be covered. In about 300 rides I made over the past 2 years, I had trouble ONCE on the bus. I hope this helps. Good luck coming to my fair city.


Thats what I thought as well.

I’m not all that great, but maybe sometime during the summer we could ride in the city or something… Just a thought. I’ve never ridden with anybody else who actually cares about unicycling enough to keep at it.

I plan on having an upstate NY ride sometime in july, i just need to ride a few more towns to find out where is best, ill prob start a new thread if anything comes of it, if i saw this in time i may have been able to, but im not much of a fan of the city :roll_eyes:

Upstate is too far away :(.

I live on the island.

yeah, see thats the prob for me, the city is pretty far, but i might be able to take a train :roll_eyes:

The City is great. I been hittin’ up the BK Banks alot when I am there. There are a few things to grind, some simple trials stuff, skinnies, stairs, flat, 4 set. Its scary when its crowded, a lot of bikers and skaters going very fast to get speed for the banks…

Its over a 2 hours train ride for me… so I dont want to hear any complaining… but I guess upstate is a bit further.

Some graff I filmed while in NY.

Picture 4.png

Picture 1.png

Picture 3.png