NUTS - York - November


After another successful meet last weekend in Leeds, we talked about the next NUTS being in York. Date is set for the 24th November, right after pay day - so you have no excuss not to come!

Remember, the more the merrier! If there is enough interest, there will be a night out/MUni ride too, and I could get infomation about a hostel if needs be.

Let us know if your up for it…

Joe and the NUTTERS,

York is good for me as my bro lives there, there is also dalby forest and some other bike and downhill tracks in and around the area with a bit of north shore type trails in some of it.

York is lovely, lovely.
24th should be alreet,

byyyyeeee leo

I love York, if I can come I shall. Although, payday for me is the last weekday of every month :frowning:

Come on folks who else is going to come, I’m looking forward to finally coming to one.

I’ll definitely be there.

There are a few chaps who live in York who have attended past NUTS. Hopefully they’ll see this.

I sure do hope. I’d love to see 8+ at this NUTS. Interest seems canny.

  1. Joe
  2. Kit
  3. Pete
  4. Leo
  5. Edd
  6. bungalistic
  7. yatsey

and maybe some of my hockey club, Roger & Connie, Not so Tall Paul and Steven.


Bugger, my mate’s having her 18th on that date actually…hmm, I’ll see if I can squeeze both in.

You could try and do do both, or invite her out in york with us lol, i daresay we’re going out on a crawl. :smiley:
Where abouts do you live?


I live in Preston, unfortunately I don’t think I could get the whole party to come along :frowning: As cool as it might be :stuck_out_tongue:

Got a friend of mine coming too :sunglasses:

hey im from york and ive been to one or two NUTS.

sorry i missed last month, i got a new job and couldnt swap days in time.

so again i am working on saturday morning but if a cant swap shifts with someone it isnt so far to come and meet you for the afternoon.

thers a few of us who live a bus journey away so its more than likely that you will see some of us, if not all of us.

il try get into into york with my unicycle sometime beetween now and then and find some more spots.

Some pics from a bike trail about 20 mile from York, this spot has a small bit of northshore type trails too

The second photo is actually on a rocking platform it pivots after you get half way across, and drops the platform down

Awesome! I love northshore!

aww man, i wish i could get along to one of these but unfortunately i cant get to any because of strict parents. I could probably get to one in Preston or Chorley maybe Blackpool so maybe nuts could have a meet in one of these places ;). Have a good time in York. You should make a video of it.

I’m sure Edd will make a video of it… hes a lovely boy like that. I will be taking my camera for a secret mission I am on.

So, we decided if we’re doing just one day, or a weekend?


ok cool, ill look forward to watching the video.

joe can you look at this thread i made

its about having nuts in preston sometime maybe or chorley. Thanks i would really appreciate it if you can have a look at it.

I’ll be there for the weekend so providing weather stays good enough I’m up for doing a weekend session. Any suggestions on where we could meet? front of York Minster is a fairly easy to find spot for those not familiar with the City.

I will probably make a video if I get enough footage, if im even there. The car is playing up, it overheated tonight, so I will have to get it fixed and make sure it is running right before taking it on a long jorney.
Should be in attendance though.


Make it a weekend! make it a weekend!
That way we can go out drinking etc!
We could also go for a Muni ride on the sunday if its both days :slight_smile: give me a chance to test out my new beast!

byeeeeeeeee leo