Novelty Uni

Hey all, for the winter holidays this year i’m staying at home the whole time and im doing nothing, so i want to build something unicycle related. I’ve got plenty of steel tubing on hand, a welder, plenty of bicycle parts and whats not. What do you guys reccomend i build which will look really really cool, look impossible to ride and most of all completely stupid. thanks

I think you should take a coker rim and make it into a BC wheel. Then, attach a frame and seat to it somehow.

i dont have a coker rim, and this should be a cost free (or close to) operation :stuck_out_tongue: but that would be pretty damn cool all the same

Make a 3 foot giraffe, with a skateboard wheel for the wheel. FIgure that one out. Or, this is novelty, but design a seat with a wheel on the front and back bumper, I remember bicycle seats had those for flatland tricks, that would eb great. I remember while biking, having the back upside down, and riding a wheelie on the back pegs, then have the seat drag along, but will kill my seats for the trick, but my dads friend had a seat with a tiny wheel in it, I got to use that for about a week, and it saved the seat. WOuld be a good thing for the ones that do a lot of seat drags and pushes.

Try and make a reverse bike. One that works like a double stack uni. You’d have to invert the hub and you could attach some stakeboard wheels to the bottom of the bike wheels so it goes forwards as you pedal backwards.

Some ideas for a novelty uni:

A spinning seat. A seat that can spin around on the seatpost. Use a bearing arrangement so it spins easily with no resistance. This has been done before. It makes for a unicycle that is somewhat difficult to ride.

A coaster uni. A wheel that can pedal forwards but coasts when you stop pedaling or pedal backwards. Can be done with a bicycle rear hub or the front wheel from some kids toys like some versions of the Big Wheel.

A unicycle with a peg on one side of the wheel in place of one of the cranks. So you have a unicycle with a normal crank on one side and a BMX peg on the other. Get creative with new skills.

A unicycle with two pegs and no cranks. The bmx pegs would be fixed to the hub so they spin with the hub. To propel the unicycle you would wheel walk on the pegs. The pegs would need to be big and grippy.

those are all really great ideas and johns ones seem like they would be a hoot to ride.

I’ve stumbled across the idea of making a whipper-snipper powered b*ke, for all you who dont know what a whipper snipper is, it’s called a weed-wacker in america i think, its those things you use to trim your lawn

Or use that engine to power your coaster uni, but build some stabalizers so you dont fall fowards or backwards.

if i built a stabiliser it wouldnt be a unicycle then would it :stuck_out_tongue:

well, i never said the stabilizer would have to be an extra wheel, you should look up the plans for motorized unicycles, they are pretty kool. =p

Make a unicycle with some handlebars where the seatpost is, and then pegs where the cranks would be so you would be holding on to the handlebars and pushing off with your legs to go faster! That would be sick!

I think you should make a 3 foot giraffe. It would be really really easy to mount, and It would be fun to ride, while still looking cool and really hard.

I’m working on a biverticycle, planning to be finished within the next month or two. We knocked up a fairly rubbish one using frame exstensions and a BMX wheel earier in the year and now intend to produce a professional looking twin-element frame with matching chromed rims, fancy tyres etc. You can make a basic one using a unicycle, a bike wheel, some bearing holders and some steel tube (the unicycle isnt damaged and can be reverted back to its normal use at any time).Certainly falls in to the category of impossible to ride.

This ones more functional than novelty. Take a 20mm thru axle disc bike front hub and find some way to attach a unicycle spindle to it. Then bolt on a disc and buy a caliper and weld on some mounts. Disc brakes!

make a 12" BC uni (seat,frame,wheel and only have pegs)need any help just drop me a PM

Make a giraffe unicycle out of a bike, but leave all the main bike parts complete. Leave on the front tire, etc. Then just add the seat, lockout the hub and shorten the chain.

I like the way u think UNIquelyCanadian

i’ve decided the whipper snipper powered b*ke just isnt for me…

so i’ve decided to go with the chainsaw powered b*ke, all i need is a cheap chainsaw, and that bike idea sounds mad

just one chainsaw probably wont cut it, wel not a cheap one anyway, and if it does it will probably go slow as. you need a couple of chainsaws at least.

heres a guy that made a bike that is powered by 24 chainsaws.

24 Chainsaw Powered Bike.gif

24 Chainsaw Powered Bike #2.jpg

i saw that one before, but, well i am having enough trouble finding ONE chainsaw