Northwest Unicycle Meet (aka: North Bend Uni Day) Saturday, May 12, 2007.

The North Bend Uni Day will take place on Saturday, May 12, 2007 this year. Time to put this on your calendar!

Word is it will be similar to previous years but no Gumbo Feed this year. Details are being worked out and will be posted soon. Until then, here are the threads for 2005 and 2006.

Bumping for the Weekend Lurkers.

is this a trials comp, or muni, or street?

im not understanding


I don’t know what is being planned for this year. I was the gumbo chef in previous years; however, as Steve said, the organizers decided not to do the gumbo thing this year. Hopefully, the organizers will provide some details soon.

I past years, I do not believe there were competitions. The emphasis was on workshops, USA skills levels testing and fun events / fun rides. There is a trials course and a dirt, off-road riding area in back of North Bend Elementary School. The school is also adjacent to the local biking / hiking trail (a former railroad right of way). The day ended with a dinner and a show by the Panther Pride Unicycle Team.

I’ll be there. I heard from Alan that the festivities start at 8:30am. I’m not sure what the schedule is for the day. I know they will be doing skill level testing, and I think workshops.

If any of the North Bend Unicyclers read this thread and know what the schedule for the day will be, please post. I’d like to see it, and I imagine other would too.

Looking forward to it!


I spoke with Alan Tepper yesterday. It will be similar to last year. We should have the flier and agenda soon, hopefully this week. Here is last year’s flier (pdf) to give you some idea of the day.

Day will start with registration at 8:30. No Gumbo Feed this year but there will be Hot Dog and/or Pizza sales for lunch and dinner.

The day is heavy in skills clinics and is largely participated by elementary unicycle programs. This will be a clinic day, no formal competitions. But don’t let that stop you from coming.

Here are a few reasons to come:

  • USA approved Skills Testing
  • There is a TRIALS COURSE that will have beginner to expert level objects. It would be great to have some high end Trials riders come to show off their stuff.
  • Even if you don't participate in all the clinics, there will opportunity to do some great riding in the area on your own like:

    There are MUni trials not too far just off I-90 that JC could direct you too (Like the Winery, would be great if Sabin and Mike could make it!).

    The John Wayne/Iron Horse/Snoqalmie Vally trail runs right by the school. Great for a Coker ride to Snoqualmie Falls and Rattlesnake Lake.

  • Public Show at 6:00 (earlier this year). See some great stuff, or show off your stuff if you've got it.

For non-riders there is shopping and a lot of tourist activities in the area to fill your day.

More to come!

I’m gong to try to be there depends on the calender and what my parents say though…

Flier/Registration Form

Attached is the Flier/Registration Form.

Note: There is a fee of $15 per rider, the release must be signed (by parent or guardian if you are am minor), and RSVP to teppera(at)

Also, Helmets, Gloves, and Knee Protection are required for the Outdoor Clinics (Trials, MUni, Obstacle Course).

Edit, and the name for the event is Washington State Unicycling Clinic & Fun Day. The more the merrier.

NB Uni Registration Form 2007 Page 1.doc (423 KB)

NB Uni Registration Form 2007 Page 2.doc (39.5 KB)

Weekly Bump

I guess it is my turn to bump this message. Looking forward to a great turn out for this event.
If you are upset about the gumbo dinner being cancelled, you can purchase a cookbook with the recipe in it, along with recipes from unicyclists and their families from all over the USA and the World. Cost $10.
Sorry about the plug. The team is always in fundraising mode.

Since there is no gumbo this year I’ll be hanging out at the local espresso stands doing my part to train for the JC Espresso Shot Coker Tour. My team is always in training mode.

I’ll be there for the North Bend Uni Day.

John, it will be great having you come to the event.
We will be there mid morning. We as in Megan and I. I think Irene is coming too, as well as Steve D.
Heard sunshine is ordered for the day.
Barb Kowalski

Count me in. :slight_smile:

I might be attending this. It looks like I will be in the Seattle area around that time!

One week to go.

Jerrick, looking forward to meeting you. Any other Spokane riders?

jsm came the past couple years but hasn’t posted in a while. Do you know him?

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to make the unicycle meet this year. In fact, I’ve been so busy working on my math degree at Eastern Washington University that I’ve done hardly any unicycling since last September, when the school year began. I still enjoy riding around on the rare occassions I have time for it, but the last few times I’ve tried any “freestyling,” my drop in ability level seemed quite major :frowning: .


We’ll miss you this year. It was very impressive with you passing all those levels your first year and your demo last year.

This is also Irene’s last month in the Pacific Northwest so possibly her last time to come to this event for a while.


North Bend is approximately 35 miles east of Seattle on Interstate 90. It is best known as the location of Mount Si, a very popular mountain for hiking.

The event is being held at North Bend Elementary School. The school’s address is 400 East 3rd Street, North Bend, Washington 98045. The school is located roughly in the middle of the town, several blocks east / northeast of the intersection of Bendigo Boulevard and North Bend Way.

Driving directions:

  • Exit Interstate 90 at Exit 31.

  • Head north on Bendigo Boulevard (State Route 202) past the outlet mall on the left and the gas stations / restaurants / Safeway on the right. You will pass over the Snoqualmie River and a set of railroad tracks.

  • Continue straight through the intersection of Bendigo Boulevard and North Bend Way (third light). Tweed’s Cafe will be on your right as you pass through this intersection.

  • Right on 3rd Street, it will be the second right, two blocks after the intersection of Bendigo Boulevard and North Bend Way.

  • Keep going straight on 3rd Street through the stop signs for about three long blocks. It ends in the parking lot of North Bend Elementary School.

  • The riding events will be held in and around the gym. The gym is to the right of the main parking lot and to the right and slightly behind the main school building, through the fence.

'tis great that Irene will be coming!!

Tomorrow is the day!

Registration materials are in this post. Be sure your waiver is signed by a parent if you are a minor.