'Winery Rampage' Muni video

Sabin and I finally found the top secret trail uphill from a winery near Seattle. It rained the night before, so the trail was pretty soggy. Lighting was less than ideal, but we made the best of it and still had a blast.

The battery in Sabin’s camera died before we got to the crazy skinnies, so maybe in a future vid.

filming and pedaling by Mike Clark, and Sabin Arditty
editing by Sabin Aridtty
sounds made by Beck Hanson

enjoy! hi version recomended

I love riding in rainforest.

Nice vid, i wanna see those skinnies

That was a great vid!

Its hard to capture the technical and skill level for muni, specially on the stuff you were riding, and you did a good job filming and capturing that, I thought it was rather impressive, specially being so wet, those logs where probably very slippery.

I want to see the skinnies too!

Pretty sweet stuff there.

Sweet! You found the trail.
I recognize some of it. Other bits were new. I need to go riding there this season before the rains come. But I’ll skip the ladder bridges with gap jumps and skip the skinnies with too much consequences for my meager skills.

That trail is one we did as a muni fun ride during UNICON 11. Only now it has more skinnies and bridges and gap jumps and an entire new fork. Some here may remember it.

The trail up there were pretty gnarly. Mike is right, towards the end after my battery died, we came to this crazy skinny section it branched off in a ton of directions but all came back to a main. The whole stunt was at least 5ft off the ground at all times.

Definatly a trail worth going back for.

Oh yeah, and right at the end of the ride i hit a root and flew off into some ferns and landed in a yellow jacket’s nest. That wasnt fun. Other than that. It was a totally rightious ride!

-Sabin Arditty

You are on your way to becoming SARS (Seattle Area RiderS) material. It’s good to see that you’re trying to keep up with the lesson plan. We had that lesson last month.

I wish I had woods like that to ride in. I live quite close to the coast in Florida, so theres like no hills. The closest thing to hills I get to ride on is this one nature trail in my local state park. The woods there used to be nothing but sand dunes, so now it’s a tad bit hilly. Still quite fun to ride, but damn those woods look awesome.

Was that a cockatoo in that cage at the beginning of the movie?

Excellent. Love the raised tracks. I want some of that.

One of the best Muni vids…

that was a sweet movie, it made me stoked to go ride muni, a classic sign that a movie has done it’s purpose:)

Nice. I liked the long runs, I don’t see thst in too many other videos. Those trails look uber fun.

sweet dude.
i wish we had trails like that in arizona…
and that is some really dirty dirt.:stuck_out_tongue:
it almost looks like one of those trails was made for unicycling…


that’s a keeper. Very very very nice riding, gentlemen! Gawd that looked like fun!!

I envy your abilities.


tomblackwood scrapes and bows to the (now well documented) dominant life forms in Seattle Area Muni. That was just amazing.

Cool muni vid guys.
Love to ride there to.
But Mike,what did fall out of your Camelback at the end?


That was a small pump. If you listen you can hear mike say: ‘what was that?’ and i said ‘i dont know’


thanks everyone for the kind words!

No matter how you film muni or natural trials for that matter, the true steepness, height/shape of obstacles never seems to come through. I just focused on riding fast, and hoping for the best. Fast muni is more fun anyway. I was pleased with how it ended up.

Thanks! That is a big asset to muni vids, you can have a shot run for 20 sec before cutting without it getting boring. As opposed to street vids which seem to run shots for about 5 sec.

My tire pump

nice video

that was sick guys!