Northern Virginia Trials and Muni Weekend

Hey everyone,

Sometime this November or December I am going to be hosting a muni weekend up here in northern VA. I have a few of the details worked out, but it’s pretty loose right now so I need to know a few things from whoever is going to try and make it. Right now it looks like this:

Friday afternoon- natural trials at Difficult Run. This is a creek (or a run?) that runs alongside Difficult Run trail. It’s part of Great Falls park. Even though this is a trail, don’t be fooled. Here you can find some of the best natural trials spots in NoVa. There is stuff that beginers would find easy to stuff someone like Ryan Atkins would find hard.

Saturday- Muni at Fountainhead Regional Park. Fountainhead park has a dedicated mountain bike trail. It’s full loop is something like 10 miles, but there are tons of shortcuts and such that can be taken. Some super-tech sections, lots of very steep uphill, short steep downhills, full of roots and rocks. It can be a really exhausting trail, so come with lots of water (although maybe thats because last time I did fountainhead it was close to 100 degrees out).

If there is anyone still around on Sunday and still can/want to ride then we can do anything from cruising around DC to natural at Chain Bridge to an XC ride at Great Falls.

So the only problem with doing Friday at Difficult Run and Saturday at Fountainhead is that they are roughly 50 minutes apart. You could work out a way to sleep halfway inbetween the two or something. If at all possible, these two spots are for sure worth the drive.


If possible I would like to do this the weekend after thanksgiving. If that doesn’t work with you guys, then pick from these dates: November 16-18, 23-25 (Thanksgiving weekend), nov. 30-dec. 2, Dec. 7-9, 14-16.

Hope to see all you Richmond guys there, and whoever else can make it (maybe Philly area?).


PS. Closer to the date I will be posting directions to difficult run and fountainhead.


sounds awesome…but that is pretty far when you cant drive. i wish i could but its just too darn far :angry: . sorry:o :frowning:

I should be down for a muni ride sometime. I am not sure which weekend works best for me though. I just met another unicyclist near me who just got a KH 29 who would probably be down as well.

Ok, a couple weekends no longer work for me, so the updated possible dates list for this weekend is:

Nov. 16-18, 23-25 (thanksgiving weekend) Dec. 14-16, 21-23, 28-30

So go ahead and post if you are gonna try to come, and what dates are best.


thanksgiving weekend might be doable.

Not sure which weekend will work best, but I’ll definitely make a concerted effort to come out, at least for Saturday. Glad you’re putting this together, I think the Belle Isle Muni Weekend legacy has kinda run it’s course. I’ll see if Ryan Blunt or Local Max are interested.

Oh yeah, on all the weekends except for thanksgiving weekend I will have some floor space if you can do both days.

I’m in if it’s any time in december. Plus, that’ll give me time to work on my muni skills…

Edit: There was a Belle Isle muni weekend!!! I’ve been there once before I could unicycle, and was just thinking the other day how awesome it would be…

im rather interested but it would help if you had exact dates. see if you can find the numbers to some hotels or camp grounds in the area also so people can book lodgings if coming. I think it would be about a 3 hour drive for me but i would be happy to do it if I could get some details.

If you are coming from North Carolina it will definitely be more than 3 hours.

Also, I am pretty sure that if this thing happens you could just stay at someones house up here. Lodging is pretty expensive in Northern VA.

There were 4 belle isle muni weekends. There is some footage up somewhere of the different years. It was a fun time the two years I went.

Yeah, thats what I’m asking you. Tell me which dates work for you, and I’ll try to please as many people as I can.

A December date would work best for me, like maybe 14-16.

Are there any shuttle busses?

I rode a bus from Boston to NYC in August. $15 each way. That could get you about half the distance, anyway. Maybee you can get a ride w/ someone from there if there are no buses going to VA, or there isn’t anyone who you can ride w/ the whole way.

i live up in the corner of nc and im not exactly far from virginia anyways. Maybe december but ill talk it over and see if I am going to mexico or not.

I see if I can pop up from Cville, ill have to nix thanksgiving weekend,
I might already be up in the area for the Dec 21-23 weekend but I think I should be able to make at least one of the two days which ever weekend is picked.

there are also buses from NYC to DC for $25 round trip.

as for me, i probably won’t be able to participate in the natural trials, but i’d like to join you anyways and hopefully ride some muni

I should be around for those weekends except the Dec 21-23rd one since I am heading down to Miami for xmas.

I also don’t think that I can partake in Friday events though since I have to work.

If anyone would be interested… I could probably organize a long distance ride for the Sunday after whenever the muni ride is. Maybe around DC or just on the W&OD or something.

Yeah, thats why I was thinking of doing it on thanksgiving weekend.