any tips for a new 14 year old rider

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don’t let the old farts get you down : P

just do a little browsing around the forum if you’re looking for general tips. It’s usually frowned upon to make a new thread if you don’t really have anything specific to ask or talk about.

have anything in particular you needed help with?

Welcome bmoney! Thanks for asking. Tips:


  • Ride
  • Read
  • Repeat [/LIST] Don't create any threads. I've only created a handful myself, and look how much posting I've done. I really do need to get a life... :p
  • ‘Visualization’ might help as well. Sounds a little corny but it’s a technique top athletes use prior to workouts/events. It can benefit anybody doing anything really. When you’re not practicing/riding, or just before, try visualizing yourself doing what you’re trying to accomplish.

    Practice. Take a break when you get frustrated. Keep it fun!