Nonsense Video


Another little video. Featuring Shaun Johanneson, Jerad Glatt, and Kyla Hammer. Varial Doubleflip included.

-Shaun Johanneson

Just got a link to this video on msn, it’s spreading quickly :wink:

Great movie, very fun to watch. That double varialflip looked huge

the girl was clearly the best rider there.

nice seat snap

…SICK!SICK!SICK! The dubbel varial was so damn clean! too bad you did miss the 3flip it looked damn sweet

Right when i saw that Triple flip sign at the bottom of the screen i just got excited, then you didnt land it… but you will land it in your next movie, i just have a feeling.

What is the name of that song too?

I remember seeing him doing a triple flip in one of his earlier vids. As far as I remember in this one–> Syko Productions presents Shaun Johanneson

EDIT: Great vid once again btw!

Another great one dude. Loved the varialdouble. Im getting close to em.


I liked it, nice and neat moves, some killer hops and you doing what you do best.
The way a Shaun J vid should be.

Great stuff.


That’s a cool video. The girl was pretty cool. The music really annoying. The tricks totally impressive. I’m also learning to do a front-flip.

Nice, that was awesome.

I think it is time for you to get a different kind of seat post…

Oh an was that a Leprachaun voice? (sounded like it;) )


really nice video! I’ m not a street/flatland rider… but this movie motivated me a lot!

Ohh Shaun, that was awesome. Definitely my favourite vid of yours so far, that lateflip mount (I guess) was sick.

Lovin the Fettes Brot too :wink: Nordisch woo woo wooooo Nordisch by nature :smiley:

schweet man

i love that movie :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet video

whats that trick called when you crankstall something and drop the seat so it spins around?

never seise to amaze me man!

Seatwhip? seat whip stall is more accurate…

thanks. it looks cool and is really easy