Non UDC companies

Sorry to bring back a dead thread but this is one of the best discussions I’ve ever seen. I’ve only been on the forum for not even a year but how come there’s nothing like this anymore? :frowning:

I think there can be - just look how this one evolved. Stick around and there will be quite a few more to come, I think…


I just wanted to say, “Thank you” for participating in these discussions, “Thank you” for putting out your excellent book, and “Thank you” for everything you’ve done to advance our sport!

If you want one person arguing against another (or group arguing) you may want to visit Just Conversation section of the forums.

I don’t want arguments I just want a good discussion.

It happens from time to time. Did you miss the thread about the Flatland competition at Unicon? There’s some interesting stuff in there about how these big events are organized.

What can I say, I guess I just have a knack for starting “good discussions” (read: arguments). :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are a couple more:
Updated IUF Rulebook - Flatland Concern
New Mad4One Parts - Disk Brake Hub and More!

I’m sorry to bring this up, but here is another very interesting thread: Are either of these uni's yours?? (Stolen?)

I’ve had my nimbus 2 for four years now, and I think nimbus is the best for freestyle, having tried nearly all the other unicycles besides impact. I do some wannabe street with it such as, grinds, five stairs, etc, four foot drops, and the only thing I have had to replace was the cranks, several times, finally upgraded to moments, and a back handle I broke practicing seat drags. I love my nimbus, and this wasn’t even an expensive model.