Non UDC companies

Some people talk about companies that are not on UDC. Some of these companies include QU-AX, Onza, Koxx one, etc. I like to get all my stuff from one place (UDC being the place for unicycling). Would anyone tell me if these companies are worth checking out?
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UDC is THE place for unicycling may be in Canada…

Qu-Ax, series QX:

Koxx One (or K1) prototypes:

Koxx One Carbon Frame:


(BTW the hub is pure titanium)


I have an Onza and love it. Unfortunately, I believe Onza stopped making Unicycles. They are a trials bike company and unicycle were always a sideline for them. So, you can scratch trying to find a source for Onzas.

UDC used to carry Qu-Ax, but they have not had the line for a couple of years. Compared to KH and Nimbus, The Qu-Ax was probably a much slower selling brand. kinda :smiley:

but are these better than nimbuses

Mad4One, Impact, and Koxx One are significantly better than Nimbus. I don’t have experience with the other brands like Quax and Onza, but Nimbus is the low end trials unicycle brand, except for maybe Torker. Nimbus is also cheaper though.

UDC is a retailer, like Walmart or best buy. Where as kris holm or k1 is a manufacturer. A lot of these products can be purchased from a manufacturer but they generally use retailers such as UDC or to move product. UDC does also manufacture their own line of products, Nimbus, which are fine Unicycles and parts, but as Julia pointed out products manufactured by impact, KH, k1, etc are generally better. Lighter or different style, that kind of idea.

Is this the thread the one with the most crap in it?

UDC is not JUST a retailer. They not only manucturer, but design their unicycles. They are also staffed and managed by unicyclists. It was started 12 years ago because there was no unicycles quality unicycles about and went and did something about it. They stock the other brands to give variety and choice. The UK has 189 different models of unicycle in it’s shop.

Mad4One are a parts manufacture. They produce VERY expensive hubs only.
Impact produce trials unicycles only. They are designed by Yoggi in France and are made in Taiwan and distributed through Germany.
Koxx-One was the company started by Yoggi and is now run by trials company. They have quality products but recent product are less so. There have been some old Ex-stock available in the USA over the last year NOT sold as Koxx.
Onza don’t make any more unicycles.
Qu-Ax is on of the largest brands around the world but dont have a much of a distribution in North America.

What about Coker? or Miyata?

Now… is Nimbus a low-end brand. Just simply no. It is well priced, but not low end.

Please don’t compare us with Walmart. That is an insult. Are they staffed by specialists and do they design their own products?

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As Roger says, Nimbus is not a low end brand as has been suggested by some people.

Nimbus unicycles are well priced quality unicycles that are designed by unicyclists for unicyclists.

To answer the original question, Yes these brands are worth checking out, its down to personal preference really. I have had no trouble with my Nimbus muni and it’s been used and abused, doing drops, fording rivers and riding up the beach. It may be a bit heavier than other MUnis with aluminium frames but it is still a quality product at a reasonable price.

I also have a Qu-Ax 29" and have no complaints about that either, again, It has a steel frame and lots of extras so weighs a bit more than a higher priced 29". But compared to something twice as expensive, I dont think to me it would be worth having something much more expensive that is only marginally better.


Koxx One has been banned by the German retailers for quality issues, at least that’s my understanding.

Quax/QX is widely available here. KH as well.

I don’t have access to Impact, though their stuff looks rad.

Geez, calm down. I was addressing trials unicycles only, which I stated in my first post. I also said that Nimbus was definitely the cheapest trials unicycle brand, with Torker. Nimbus unicycles are great for the beginner or intermediate rider, but I rarely see an amazing rider on a Nimbus. All the other brands I mentioned (Mad4One, Koxx One, Impact), have lots of great riders using their products.

Mad4One (which also manufactures amazing cranks, not only hubs, Eli did a flat 5 flip with them) - Colby, Eli, Will, Marcus, Pau, Daniel, Elliot, Jacob Spera

Koxx One - Krisz, Chris H, Loic, Dan C, Tim

Impact - The Pohams, Sophia, Mike Taylor, Bobousse, Joe Hodges, Isaac C, plus a huge number of flat riders use their seat now

Kris Holm (not originally addressed, but one of the best companies) - Adrien, Max, Bence Pinczés, Adrien L, Forrest, Pedro

Nimbus - ?

Just go look at the video forum if you’d like more evidence. Nimbus is rarely used in street/flat/trial videos, and when it is, 95% of the time it isn’t by a top rider. This is why, compared to all the other trials unicycle brands, I said that Nimbus was low end, but it is great for the beginner or intermediate rider on a budget.

Nimbus don’t sponsor riders… They are the base product that dramatically out sells all the other products you have mentioned… it does not mean they are low quatity, they are NOT.

The New Nimbus Trials unicycle has the toughest wheelset on the market (it was seriously tested by Jason from Voodoo unicycles). This is not a heavy over engineered unicycle… it only weighs in at 5.49 kg.

If you are looking for all out Street Unicycle, then the 5.1kg Equinox in it’s street clothes would be up there in the top league.

Street is a tiny part of the unicycle world. For every 100 unicycles sold in the US or UK possibly 1 will be a trials/street. Of those I would suggest that only a small proportion are used for Street.

Nimbus produce not only street unicycles but all types of unicycles including Trials, Muni, Freestyle, Road, Race, Giraffes and lots of others.

UDC and KD work in unison, some production facilities, minor variations in design, so not exactly “made in USA”. Very few products are made in house, regardless of whether it’s mad4one, Koxx, KH, whatever, the production is shifted overseas to save costs.

Is one better than another? Well, I have had the fewest failures with UDC (none) and the most with KH (five). Any questions?

In terms of quality, it’s all about the same, you get what you pay for, so spend more to get more. A good warrantee and a retailer willing to stand behind the warranty, that’s what matters when you have problems.

Most folks don’t have problems, but I used to be one of those “folks” until this past year, now I’ve had three hub failures back to back and it’s UDC (the Walmart of unicycling) who is standing up and helping me out.

UDC has advanced unicycling in many ways, by increasing access and pushing innovation, the same cannot be said for Walmart.

And Julia, you need to be more specific when you use the word “cheap”. It does not mean the same as “inexpensive”.

I never said that they are low quality.

I haven’t tried these unicycles so I won’t comment on them, but I am a bit confused as to why I haven’t seen anyone riding them if they really are “the toughest wheelset on the market,” and “in the top league.”

Sales numbers and quality do not go hand in hand. As you say, street is a tiny part of the unicycle world. There will always be more beginner or intermediate riders than great riders, and Nimbus is one of the best options for the beginner or intermediate rider on a budget (for the third time). Again, I’m only talking about trials unicycles here.

Young people are so funny, the dictionary thing is exactly what one of my teens would try :roll_eyes:

Julia, it’s not about dictionaries, it’s about perceptions. When someon says something is cheap, there is more than one way to interpret that statement. In order to avoid confusion, it’s important to use the word that most clarifies your intent. Notice that your use of cheap illicited a misunderstanding?

So, you feel that Nimbus is not cheap in quality, but that it is cheap in price, yes?

BTW, durability and weight, you can pick one, but not both. You drop the weight of a product and at a certain point you will drop the durability. Will you be happy if you gear breaks? Do you have the money and time to repair and/or replace it?