No more Torker?

Seattle Bike Company (parent for Torker) has merged with Raleigh Bicycles and now is selling Avenir Unicycles. . .

Avenir is in stock while the Torkers are still showing the same stock as they have for the last few months. . .

Does anyone know if this means the end of Torkers lineup for Unicycles?
Has anyone heard a release date for 2014 versions? or even resupply for older versions?

I really hope this isn’t true. I’ve only bought torkers. They are durable unicycles and the price can’t be beat.

Actually Avenir can probably beat their prices, but I think the Avenirs are considered the Milwaukee’s Best of unicycles.

I was looking for a Torker when I decided to buy a unicycle and was having trouble finding them in Australia. After calling a couple of places that sell unicycles I was told that BMX International (the supplier of Torker in Australia) was having a line called DRS made in the same factory and to the same specs as the Torkers. I have a friend who sells bikes and deals with BMX International and he called them and confirmed it. That’s when I decided to take a chance on it. When they arrived they had the exact instruction sheet for assembly as the Torkers only Torker had been whited out and DRS put in its place.

You can take a look at them here. They certainly look like the Torkers. Maybe someone else has more info on this. As for Torkers being discontinued, I don’t know.

The only Avinirs I’ve seen were learners.

Those do look like the Torkers.
The Solo Expert/Pro looks like the Torker LX & in all sizes (20", 24", 26")
The Solo XTR 20 looks like the Torker DX 20 (actually 19")
I don’t see the equivalent of the 24" DX, or the AX line.

Hence the comparison to Milwaukee’s Best. A beer not known for being terribly great, but it’s cheap.

Thanks for explaining that. Out here we call that beer Budweiser, but the Lloyd Braun apparently lives in the home of Anheiser Busch, so perceptions there may be different. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t mean to be a smart ass but three of them ARE Torkers. And the rest look like every other decent unicycle ever made: one wheel, a saddle, etc. Never heard of DRS but if those are the “new Torkers” why aren’t they available anywhere else but Australia? And why is still online? I’m just hoping against hope that these rumors aren’t true. :confused:

Yes, as Kool states their site is still up and looks normal. Perhaps the DRS thing is just for Australia only.

A response directly from my contacts at Torker:

New uni shipments usually happen in the April time frame so stay tuned.

BTW: the Accell Group purchased Seattle Bike supply in 2006, with no major changes. Raleigh is now part of that group also.

AAAAAaaaaGGGGHHHH :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

BUD” and “BUD LIGHT” and “BUD dishwasherwater without taste and alcohol” etc. etc.
(like heineken for example)

PLEASE do not mistake this for a real Budweiser (european) beer. That one’s a great beer, i absolutely love it.

Back to topic now :smiley:

Thanks, Kenny. As I was reading through this thread, I was worried until I came to your post. :slight_smile: