Nimbus Venture Cranks Review

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Thanks, I will get a pair of the 127s soon!

How strong do you feel they are? I wouldnt mind hearing from someone that rides more trials. I was toying with the idea of buying some of these, just to play around with.

I didn’t put any big drop/stairset on these, so I really can’t tell. From the look, they seem quite strong, but not as strong as Moment, maybe like some Koxx-One cranks.

Sorry, I can’t tell you exactly for now, I will try to test them further.

They still need a 140mm set for trials and mixed street

anyone have more feedback on their ventures? i just put a pair on my muni, and i’ve been happy with them so far, i just wish they had a little more q factor…
i want to hear from someone who has put them through some serious abuse

My son’s friend rides the Venture 150’s for muni. I assembled her uni and played around with them. They are machined from the same material as the Moments, just less beefy. I’d compare them to the K1, so a little less strong than the Moments, though they are lighter as well. Unless you’re bending other cranks, they are probably a good choice for a lightweight inexpensive crank. Good quality, way superior to the crap QuAx cranks that were once standard issue on UDC unis!

Just to give you a bit more feedback, I slightly bent them. I am actually very surprised by how strong they are and how they hold up to my bad landings and roll outs. The bend is nothing serious, but I can feel it when riding.

That’s all for now.


does anyone know if the nimbus venture cranks will withstand constant 4 ft drops?

The strength of a crank can not be determine by “the drop”. I can do a 4 foot drop-off with a cotterless hub and not bend crank or hub… I have seen a profile crank bend with guys doing a 2" bunny hop! It is so much down to technique and weights.

I can tell you from a retailers point of view they have been a success since we are not getting any returns with them.



I’m using the 125mm cranks on my trials uni. I weigh 170lbs. and often do 3-4ft. drops. Of course technique matters, but you don’t always roll perfectly off those picnic tables. They’ve handled some awkward landings with no fuss.

I stripped the pedal threads (see this thread Nimbus Ventures ), but got a new pair on warranty.

They seem stiff and strong. I haven’t noticed any flex.

I like the Q factor being tight; I just wish they were flat on the bottom from the hub to the pedal for a larger contact area during grinds.