Nimbus Venture cranks for DH?


Are the Nimbus Venture cranks strong enough for “all” DH/freeride or should i go for the heavy moments??
Also what length are they some say 150mm, others say 152mm?
Can also anyone say the weight of the 152mm cranks?


PS: I have searched but can’t find something usefull…

Nimbus Venture Cranks Review ( I can’t find the blog?!)

My pair 150mm Ventures weighed ~300g less than my pair of 150mm Moments. I used the Ventures for over year and had no problems but I don’t do large drops. They held up to usual abuse (lots of hopping and being dropped onto rocks on the trail) with only cosmetic wear.

What do you think they would handle big drops?

For my 160lbs they seemed solid enough that I wouldn’t replace them for lack of strength.

Ohh I am 215 so i don’t now

They have problems with the pedal threading. I know of guys that have pulled the pedal out of the crank. The ventures use aluminum threading which doesn’t work very well. Ever hear of aluminum bolts (they exist but you won’t find them on anything)? The moments have a steel insert where the pedals thread into making the problem of stripping the threads much less likely. If you don’t like the weight of the moments, you can drill them out. They are plenty strong, so removing some material is okay. Do it strategically though, the points of failure are closer to the spindle after about 4000 pounds of impact force each crank.

I would recommend the moments but the decision is ultimately up to you. The Q-factor is a bit better on the moments as well, I find that to be really important because you will end up hanging your foot off the edge of the pedal and you will get very tired feet, and possibly cramps.

Also 300 g is about 0.7 pounds if that helps your decision.

Ya I am going for moments

Yeah for your size I’d say that’s a good idea.

I heard of a guy here who bent the 150 Ventures on his Muni after a couple of 4 ft. drops.


Some like more Q and some less. For me I prefer more Q than moments have, and the Ventures even less, it gives more control at slow to moderate speeds (but contributes to wobble at high speeds)

skilewis74: That’s an important correction. I think the Q-factor of the Ventures is pretty high, and the Moments have an even wider tread! I don’t do DH yet, but I think the Ventures are a good compromise between tread, strength and weight (though not exactly light) for XC. Of course, I think the Qu-Ax aluminum cranks seem pretty strong.

Jan: I think the 152 mm length is just an old rounding convention from the old 6 inch cranks.


Here is the new link to the blog :

However, my review was very perfunctory at the time. To deepen my review, I would add to the flat section that while they help for rolls in a similar way to the rollos, they are not as comfortable in the long term. They indeed tend to be hurt the arch of the foot when standing too long on them (more than rollos).

Also, like some people have already mentionned, because there is no pedal insert, the threads can strip if you often change your pedals. On my 127’s, I have had this problem (but re-threaded the cranks and they are now fine), but my 150’s are fine.

Concerning the 150’s for muni riding. I have been riding with these for almost two years, mostly DH, and they are still in perfect condition. I am a light rider and do not do too many big drops though.

Over all, it is obvious that they are not as strong as Moment or Qu-Ax cranks, but for the price and weight, for light to medium DH riding, I think they are very decent. However, if you want to fully trust your unicycle on more extreme terrains, Moment will always be your best bet.

Hope I could help !