Nimbus Trials

hey im thinking of getting tobbogonist’s old nimbus trials 20
do you guys reckon it will be strong enough for me doing drops and stairs on it? i like to go big. what are you experiences with it?
thanks for any comment’s

Thats what I used to use and had no problems at all with the frame and i’m a heavy lander. My mate now owns it and so far its been fine.

OK SWEET SOUNDS GOOD (damn caps lock)

Let us take a monment of silence for your old uni :wink:

I have the Nimbus trials, are you getting it with the rounded or flat frame? I have it with the rounded, and I love it. Definetly go for it, I have done up to 2.5 foot drops, and not so much as a sound has been heard.

exactly how big are you planning on going, and how much do you weigh
idk, but if its splined get it, otherwise “going big” will bend it, unless it is a CX hub because those are WAY stronger than you think they are.

If you do really big stuff it won’t last forever, but when you get good you’ll probably want somethign a but flasher so that’s all good.

i guess i should pop-up and comment. Everyone who is wondering, it has held up to about 5 and a half foot drops and landed one a little higher than myselfs height, needless to say the cranks are bent, Not The Hub. After riding my KH for a week i tried to ride it yesterday and the bent cranks where so noticable the i could not ride it. I guess i was just used to it before, i could rolling hop about a metre with those ‘benty’s’. Which is porbably why i find riding my KH akwards, i am not used to the straightness.

The seat has been cut down and it is painted a nice purple :slight_smile:

Iv’e told reef that is will not last for ever and at the rate he seems to be progressing he may ‘out ride’ it pretty quickly but the offer is there and going cheap for another unicyclist. New cranks are available.

maybe 6-8 stairs, i weigh around 50kg.

yeah i know i was just planning on using it, cos its cheap and second hand, 'till i get a job to save up for a new one.

are these cranks being bought by you or not.
and just to straighten things out, no need for new hub or whatever, just need to get new cranks? and that will cost around $40?

Be carefull of other advice (even mine). You have to realise that some people who replied are British. Over this side we have a different set of cranks compared to the US. Our cranks are stronger than theirs.

I don’t know what cranks tobbogonist has. But its worth checking out. I had one, it was awesome, strong sturdy and very nice.


who cares about the US, we’re here in australia.

the cranks are quite good i know a guy that has a nimbus trials and the yheld up to quite a bit.

I know that tobbogonist’s nimbus trials had cotterless. You should deffinitely go splined considering the kind of stuff you are doing reef.

Sorry mate, geez.

I will look for you.

It looks like both UDC UK and AU have the same cranks, just the wrong picture. It (UDC AU) says that they have:-
“Strong aluminium Qu-ax cranks in 125mm length”

And UDC UK says:-
“Qu-Ax cold-forged aluminium 125mm cotterless freestyle cranks”

Looks like the same good quality cranks Would be a nice choice although I might recomment the new KH gear, very good quality, cheap price and no nubs!


Good thing about the nimbus trials is that once you break the hub and/or cranks, you already have all the good components for a trials uni, so just got buy KH Moment hub and cranks. =p

yeah wot jerrick says is very true. If you break ur cranks/hub dont make a fuss abotu it, go buy a kh moment crankset or a koxx-one for that matter, and change it.

I mena all the parts are good, the rim and tyre certainly are nice.

The moment hub and cranks was my first idea to upgrade, but upon contact UDC they told me the hub would not fit the Nimbus frame. Hence the reason i saved up and bought the KH, i did consider the Qu-Ax but i am only just going to upgrade to the KH eventually anyway, probably not because i really need it, but because it is cool :slight_smile: The splined hub and cranks where a must though, now i can get back into big drops.

and reef the cranks are here on UDC i would buy them to put them on there but i cannot afford to :frowning:

all up you are getting a $60 frame, $80 odd dollar saddle, what ever the hub and rim is worth so on and so forth… hmmm doesn’t sound excellent down on paper :s

$100 is all, i will take shipping out of that, which will be around $30 or so.

but to tell you the truth, i am going to miss it. … … …

UDC says no, but according to all the other people with Nimbus Frames, because the bearing holders are not perfectly machines fit, you can put the 42mm bearings from Kh and Koxx into the Nimbus frame.

I even took my bearings out, made thick shims, and added about 4mm to each bearing, put them back in, and rode my uni like that for a week, then remembered I had them shimmed. lol

but tom tells me that other hubs dont fit, i thinks just nimbus ones fit.
remember guys i dont weigh much and i know to roll out of jumps and absorb the landing and stuff so there wont be much weight landing on the cranks and hub.
thanks for all the advice guys
EDIT: opps i forgot to read the second page

im lost whats cotterless mean? and my bro says 3 peice cranks are better. and i bearly know what 3 peice means
are cotterless good?
are 3 piece good?
will i be able to get a different hub thing for it?

benjaug: im getting it with the flat, i hate rounded. harder to do on the frame tricks.