Nimbus, QU-AX or KH ?

O well the standard it comes with a lightweight qu-ax cranks. I wonder why nimbus don’t make their own cranks? lol

Nimbus… (isis…)…

Lol, thanks for info, I am sticking with the Nimbus seems like its good cause i can only really hop and idle and little drops at the moment however i am getting better quickly :stuck_out_tongue: Is there somewhere in Australia where i can get these “moment” cranks? and how much does a KH seat cost? i am thinking if i get something from US Save on postage and get 2 things :stuck_out_tongue:

Postage from US will be quite $$.
I’d just stick with a stock nimbus for a while and go from there.

KK will Do.

You can get them here from your

I recommend that you use the stock Nimbus ISIS parts until they break (they should last a while, especially if you’re still learning and not being too hard on it), and then buy these cranks as an upgrade later on, seeing as I don’t think your UDC does custom orders.

Mountain bike pioneer Keith Bontrager is credited with this saying (though the word order may be different). It’s become a truism for off-road cycling equipment, although in the larger world of cycling, everything muni-related is cheap–even the KH/Schlumpf hub.

:slight_smile: Thanks for clearing that up.

Then it was Kris who quoted Keith.


Found it

People on here are always saying to upgrade to moment cranks. I was wondering what the difference is between the moments and just some standard cranks, from looking all I can see is that the moments are bigger.

Bigger = different build, and the moments are International Spline Interface Standard (ISIS) so they wont go on a square taper.
ISIS = stronger then square, so if you need stregth they are a option… however not if you have a square taper hub.

I think he may have meant as opposed to the standard ISIS cranks already on the Nimbus ISIS trials…

I have emailed my friend and just waiting for a response now. Ill try to find out how he can get the nimbus if hes not part of UDC :stuck_out_tongue: Moment cranks sound like a good upgrade :stuck_out_tongue: Any type of seat i should get?

Yeah, thats correct.
I had too many things running around in my head… ISIS Nimbus, my Nimbus with square taper, moments:D
EDIT: Good luck with your purchase!

lol, so you have the Non ISIS version of the nimbus?

Yup, thats correct!
I haven’t had any dramas with it yet!

Hey guys, what about knoxx one and Onza trials uni’s ?? there not on UDC but still. Are they any good?


I no nothing about Koxx one, apart from that you would be struggling to get one in Aus… and from what i have seen on here they are a mighty fine uni!
Onza… well, all i know about this is to stick away from their Limey… the crown of the frame only has plastic caps on it so after a while you will be cutting your leg open, oh and the crown is massive wide too (yep, i know this uni looks cool but dont go there!).
Hope that helped a bit!

Lol, yea a little, Why are knoxx one so difficult to get in?


kh i think is worth it.