Nimbus, QU-AX or KH ?

Hi, This is my second topic, I have found a good place i can get Unicycles and alot cheaper than (im Australian) Now he can get me the Nimbus for $320 (incl postage) he can also get me the QU-AX for $379 and the Kris Holm for $550. I originally wanted to spend about 400 (for the nimbus from the site i mentioned earlier) Should i go and get the kris holm and use the extra cash? (I dont have a job this is taking out of a fixed term deposit) or would i be right with a Nimbus? (4 week old unicycler)


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Go the nimbus mate,
I’ve had mine over a year and its still kickin hard.
I wouldnt trade it for anything for the cost of it.

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still rekon the quax but

He prob knows a rep of UDC

A good friends, friend :stuck_out_tongue: He use to import them and he is willing to get me in one :slight_smile:

nimbus = 1
Qu-AX = 1

Sorry to doubt you, (man it seems like im having a day of having a whinge on here today, sorry mate, im home sick and bored and pissed off), but i dont think UDC would be making that much off them that someone ordering a single uni in would be able to save you that much, UDC would order in bulk and therefore be getting cheaper unit prices… also, the nimbus is UDC’s brand… how someone would sell one cheaper than them i dont get?
Its the way the world of business works mate, the more you buy/supply the cheaper the unit becomes.

Hey no worries, I dont really know him personally but my Friend is a really good friend, got me into uni’s. Maybe he gets them from UDC? I don’t really know ill send him a email soon. So nimbus over KH? seems strange ^^
PS: what about knoxx one

For price/quality i would go Nimbus… they are strong and great quality for the price…
Go the KH of you have enough spare money to put into a uni, but i would rather get a decent cheap uni that will do the job and have an extra $200 to spend on something else than spend more than neccessary on the KH.
Just my 2c worth:D

Ok Nimbus it is, Also the Qu-AX is alot heavier than the nimbus does that lessen its strength?

Nope, the weight has nothing to do with strength…
The triton sponge is light as and MEGA strong, generally it is percieved that a heavier uni would be stronger… sometimes the case and sometimes not… depends what they are made of.
My Nimbus seems to be unbreakable for what i do with it and its a comfortable ride.
I say you have made the right decision with Nimbus, but you will get different opinions from everyone… some people just say KH coz they think it’s best for everyone… depends what your doing with it, if your not doing 6ft drops and the like you’ll be right.
Do a search for threads in the video section from me and find my video ‘Bounce’, thats what my nimbus goes through and gets thrown around (not that im saying my riding is hardcore, its definitely NOT), many people ride a Nimbus and totally kill my riding, thats all i’m tryna say… dammit, im confusing myself now lol!

alright ill go have a look at this video. :slight_smile:

PS: still open for anyones opinion HEHE

Just in case u didnt find:

lol thanks was just about to ask couldn’t find it :stuck_out_tongue:

lol that was awesome :stuck_out_tongue: nice

Ha, thanks mate.
Nimbus all the way!

I think it was Kris himself who said:

“Light, strong, cheap - pick two of them” (maybe switched words, but you get the meaning)

The Nimbus is a good unicycle when you upgrade the cranks to Moments.

The Quax is also a very good unicycle, a bit heavy but its like a tank. It will last forever.

For an extra $230 the KH has a lighter frame, a better seat for street and trials, way stronger cranks, and a wider (but weaker) rim. If I was you I’d get the KH but get the nimbus if you really can’t afford an extra $230.

What sort of riding are you thinking of doing on it anyway?

From what i have read on here the frame is only a few grams lighter so it wont make a difference, my seat is fine for the riding i do, and he will only need the stronger cranks if he is doing fully sick huge drops etc…
An unnessecary $230 he could save and spend on protective gear or something else.

Frame is 200-300 grams lighter. And I agree, it’s not a lot, so that probably doesn’t matter. Nimbus cranks are only made for lightweight use so it really depends what he’s gonna use it for. And I personally much prefer KH seats to nimbus. They can also be upgraded with a CF base if he snaps his plastic one.

Mine has Quax cranks…???